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Farmer, Fannie /ˈfæni/
farmer /ˈfɑːmə $ ˈfɑːrmər/ noun [countable]

اجاره کار ، کشاورز ، قانون ـ فقه: کسی که در زمین اجاره ای کشت و کار کند
Farmer, Fannie /ˈfæni/

1. (1857–1915) a US cook who wrote a cookery book used by many people in the US

2. a US store selling different kinds of chocolate

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farmer S2 W2 /ˈfɑːmə $ ˈfɑːrmər/ noun [countable]
someone who owns or manages a farm

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ADJ. big, large | small a new scheme to help the small farmer
peasant, tenant | gentleman | commercial | hill | organic | arable, livestock | dairy | cattle, chicken, pig, sheep, etc.

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