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fascinate /ˈfæsəneɪt, ˈfæsɪneɪt/ verb [transitive not in progressive]

مجذوب کردن ، شیدا کردن ، دلربایی کردن ، شیفتن ، افسون کردن
Synonyms: intrigue, absorb, beguile, captivate, engross, enthral, entrance, hold spellbound, rivet, transfix
Contrasted words: disgust, horrify, repel, affront, insult, offend, outrage, shame
Related Words: affect, impress, influence, strike, sway, touch, delight, gladden, please, rejoice, absorb, engage, engross, occupy, preoccupy

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fascinate /ˈfæsəneɪt, ˈfæsɪneɪt/ verb [transitive not in progressive]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: fascinatus, from fascinum 'use of (evil) magic']
if someone or something fascinates you, you are attracted to them and think they are extremely interesting:
The idea of travelling through time fascinates me.

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