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fast /fɑːst $ fæst/ adverb
fast adjective
fast verb [intransitive]

سطح لغزنده یا سفت ، سطح سیقیلی مسیر بولینگ ، تندرو ، سریع السیر ، جلد و چابک ، رنگ نرو ، پایدار ، باوفا ، سفت ، روزه گرفتن ، فورا ، ورزش: مسیر خشک و سفت اسبدوانی
مهندسی صنایع: یک روش نموداری است که روابط بیرونی و درونی تمام عملکردها را به صورت گرافیکی نشان می دهد. روشی برای تحلیل و سازماندهی و ثبت عملکردهای یک سیستم،محصول،فرآیند، خدمت و یا رویه اس کامپیوتر: سریع

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- quick, brisk, fleet, flying, hasty, nippy (Brit. informal), rapid, speedy, swift
- fixed, close, fastened, firm, immovable, secure, sound, steadfast, tight
- dissipated, dissolute, extravagant, loose, profligate, reckless, self-indulgent, wanton, wild
- quickly, hastily, hurriedly, in haste, like lightning, rapidly, speedily, swiftly
- soundly, deeply, firmly, fixedly, securely, tightly
- go hungry, abstain, deny oneself, go without food
- fasting, abstinence
Antonyms: slow, slowly
Contrasted words: insecure, loose, shaky, unstable, lethargic, logy, poky, sluggish, tardy, torpid, languid, languorous, deliberate, gradual, relaxed, unfirm, weak, free, unattached, unfixed, chaste, decent, decorous, modest, moral, pure, virtuous, deliberately, leisurely, apathetically, lethargically, sluggishly
Related Idioms: quick as lightning, quick as thought, swift as an arrow, stuck fast, no better than one should be, of easy virtue, by leaps and bounds, in a flash, in a twinkling, in nothing flat, in short order, like a bat out of hell, like a blue streak, like a flash, like a house afire, like a shot, like a streak, like greased lightning, like wildfire
Related Words: fixed, held, inextricable, stuck, wedged, active, alert, brisk, keen, lively, careless, heedless, lax, slack, bawdy, indecent, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libertine, licentious, lickerish, riotous
English Thesaurus: eat, have, feed on something, consume, munch (on) something, ...

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I. fast1 S2 W3 /fɑːst $ fæst/ adverb

1. MOVING QUICKLY moving quickly:
Slow down – you’re driving too fast.
a fast-moving river
Johnny ran off as fast as his legs could carry him (=running as quickly as he could).

2. IN A SHORT TIME happening in a short time:
Kids grow up fast these days.
The survivors needed help fast.
How fast can you get the job done?
fast becoming/disappearing/approaching etc
Access to the Internet is fast becoming a necessity.
It all happened so fast I didn’t even notice I was bleeding.

3. fast asleep sleeping very deeply:
Nick was lying on the sofa, fast asleep.

4. be stuck/held fast to become or be firmly fixed and unable to move:
The boat was stuck fast in the mud.
She tried to pull her hand free, but it was held fast.

5. be getting/be going nowhere fast informal to not succeed in making progress or achieving something:
I kept asking her the same question, but I was getting nowhere fast.

6. not so fast spoken used to tell someone not to be too eager to do or believe something:
Not so fast. We’ve got to prove it first, haven’t we?

7. make something fast to tie something such as a boat or tent firmly to something else

8. fast by something literary very close to something:
fast by the river
play fast and loose with somebody at play1(30), ⇒ stand fast at stand1(25), ⇒ thick and fast at thick2(2)

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II. fast2 S2 W2 adjective
[Language: Old English; Origin: fæst 'firm']

1. MOVING QUICKLY moving or able to move quickly:
a fast car
He’s one of the fastest runners in the world.

2. IN A SHORT TIME doing something or happening in a short time:
The subway is the fastest way to get downtown.
The company must give a faster response to clients’ requests.
The rain forests are being chopped down at an alarmingly fast rate.
I’m a fast learner.

3. CLOCK [not before noun] a clock that is fast shows a later time than the real time:
That can’t be the time – my watch must be fast.
five minutes/an hour etc fast
I always keep my watch 15 minutes fast.

4. fast track a way of achieving something more quickly than is normally done
on the fast track
a young actress on the fast track to fame and success

5. fast road a road on which vehicles can travel very quickly

6. fast film/lens a film or lens(2) that can be used when there is little light, or when photographing something that is moving very quickly

7. COLOUR a colour that is fast will not change when clothes are washed ⇒ colourfast

8. SPORTS a fast surface is one on which a ball moves very quickly

9. fast and furious done very quickly with a lot of effort and energy, or happening very quickly with a lot of sudden changes:
Arsenal’s opening attack was fast and furious.

10. somebody is a fast worker informal used to say that someone can get what they want very quickly, especially in starting a sexual relationship with another person

11. fast talker someone who talks quickly and easily but is often not honest or sincere

12. WOMAN old-fashioned becoming involved quickly in sexual relationships with men:
fast cars and fast women

13. fast friends literary two people who are very friendly for a long time
fast food, fast-forward, fast lane, ⇒ make a fast buck at buck1(1), ⇒ pull a fast one at pull1(10)

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III. fast3 verb [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: fæstan]
to eat little or no food for a period of time, especially for religious reasons:
Muslims fast during Ramadan.

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IV. fast4 noun [countable]
a period during which someone does not eat, especially for religious reasons:
Gandhi drank some orange juice to break (=end) his three-week fast.

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adj., adv.
VERBS be, seem Her pulse seemed very fast.
ADV. exceptionally, extremely, really, remarkably, surprisingly, very I should make a very fast profit on these.
a bit, fairly, a little, pretty, quite, reasonably, relatively I suppose delivery in two days is quite fast really.
amazingly, blindingly, incredibly, unbelievably He came round the corner blindingly fast.

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ADJ. long | brief
VERB + FAST go on, keep, observe All members of the religious community keep these fasts.
break In the evening the people break their fast.

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See: hard-and-fast , play fast and loose

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