fatality ●●○○○
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fatality /fəˈtæləti, fəˈtælɪti/ noun (plural fatalities)

مرگ ومیر ، تلفات
پزشکی: کشندگی ، مرگ و میر ، تلفات

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Synonyms: death, casualty, loss, mortality
Related Words: malignancy, noxiousness, perniciousness, poisonousness, virulence

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fatality /fəˈtæləti, fəˈtælɪti/ noun (plural fatalities)

1. [countable] a death in an accident or a violent attack:
a 50% increase in the number of traffic fatalities

2. [uncountable] formal the fact that a disease is certain to cause death:
The most serious form of skin cancer has a 30 percent fatality rate.

3. [uncountable] formal the feeling that you cannot control what happens to you

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