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fate /feɪt/ noun

پرداخت یا عدم پرداخت چک ، تقدیر ، قضاوقدر ، نصیبب وقسمت ، مقدر شدن ، بسرنوشت شوم دچار کردن ، روانشناسی: تقدیر ، بازرگانی: وضعیت ، سرنوشت چک
- destiny, chance, divine will, fortune, kismet, nemesis, predestination, providence
- fortune, cup, horoscope, lot, portion, stars
Contrasted words: accident, chance, fortune, hazard, luck
Related Words: consequence, effect, issue, outcome, result, upshot, end, ending, termination, ineluctability, inescapableness, inevitability, inevitableness, unavoidability
English Thesaurus: later, following, future, subsequent, succeeding, ...

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fate /feɪt/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: Latin fatum 'what has been spoken (by the gods)', from fari 'to speak']

1. [countable usually singular] the things that happen to someone or something, especially unpleasant things that end their existence or end a particular period:
I wouldn’t wish such a fate on my worst enemy.
fate of
No one knows what the fate of the hostages will be.

2. [uncountable] a power that is believed to control what happens in people’s lives:
Fate plays cruel tricks sometimes.
a twist/quirk of fate (=something unexpected that happens)
By a strange twist of fate Smith’s first match is against the team that gave him the sack last season.

3. a fate worse than death something terrible that might happen to you – often used humorously:
He had rescued an innocent girl from a fate worse than death.
tempt fate at tempt(3)

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I. sb/sth's future
ADJ. awful, dreadful, grim, terrible | cruel, unhappy | tragic | worse They decided to kill themselves rather than suffer a worse fate at the hands of their enemy.
common, normal, usual | likely Under-representation is the likely fate of small parties.
ultimate | unknown The ultimate fate of the captured troops is unknown.
the same, similar She broke her ankle before the big match, then suffered the same fate a month later.
VERB + FATE face He faces a grim fate if he is sent back to his own country.
meet, suffer, undergo | share He had no desire to share the fate of his executed comrades.
avoid, escape She managed to escape the fate of the other rebels.
deserve What had he done to deserve such a terrible fate?
accept, be resigned to The condemned men were resigned to their fate.
bemoan, bewail Instead of just bemoaning your fate, why not do something to change it?
ponder | seal He had signed his confession and sealed his own fate.
decide An extraordinary general meeting to decide the company's fate will be held on Thursday.
abandon sb/sth to, leave sb/sth to The generals abandoned the men to their fate.
rescue/save sb/sth from | discover, hear (of), know (of), learn (of) He will learn of his fate in court tomorrow.
await The convicts awaited their fate in prison.
FATE + VERB await sb/sth, be/lie in store for sb/sth They were warned of the dreadful fate that awaited them if ever they returned to their homes.
befall sb/sth Worst of all was the fate that befell the captured rebel general.
be/hang in the balance The fate of the African wild dog hangs in the balance (= is uncertain).
PHRASES hold/have sb/sth's fate in your hands The jury held the fate of the accused in their hands.
leave/place/put your fate in sb's hands, a fate worse than death (often humorous) Obeying her parents' wishes for her life seemed a fate worse than death.

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II. power controlling everything
ADJ. cruel He believed that the universe was controlled by the whims of a cruel fate.
kind Fate was kind to me.
VERB + FATE believe in Such coincidences are almost enough to make one believe in fate.
tempt It would be tempting fate to say that we will definitely win the game.
leave sth to I have a great deal of trust and I leave everything to fate.
FATE + VERB decide sth, decree sth Fate decreed that she would never reach America.
intervene He secretly hoped that fate would intervene and save him having to meet her.
strike Only weeks after her previous injury, fate struck again, leaving her unable to compete.
deal a/its hand, deal sb a hand Anne accepted the cruel hand that fate had dealt her.
take a hand Fate took a hand in (= influenced) the outcome of the championship.
PHRASES an accident/quirk/turn/twist of fate It seemed a cruel twist of fate that the composer should have died so young.
the hand of fate The new job had come at just the right time for him. Was it the hand of fate?

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suffer a fate
We must prevent other children from suffering the same fate.
meet a fate
The beautiful old building met a sad fate when it was sold off to property developers.
decide/settle sb’s/sth’s fate
The meeting will decide the fate of the factory.
The court’s decision settled Anderson’s fate.
seal sb’s fate (=make it certain that something bad will happen to someone, especially that they will die)
Engine failure sealed the pilot’s fate.
leave/abandon somebody to their fate (=leave someone in a bad situation)
The abandoned sailors were left to their fate on the island.
discover/find out sb’s fate
He only discovered his sister’s fate after the war.
resign yourself to/accept your fate
I had no choice but to resign myself to my fate.
a fate awaits somebody formal (=a fate will happen to someone)
A terrible fate awaited any soldier who was captured.
a fate befalls somebody formal (=someone suffers a particular fate)
I wondered what fate would befall me.
the same fate
He did not intend to meet the same fate as his companion.
a similar fate
The project suffered a similar fate to many of its predecessors.
sb’s ultimate fate (=what finally happens to someone)
The ultimate fate of the refugees is in our hands.
a terrible/horrible/grim fate
The crew of the ship met a terrible fate.
a sad/tragic fate
The play is about the tragic fate of two lovers.
a cruel fate
She suffered a cruel fate at the hands of her captors.
an uncertain fate (=not clear, definite, or decided)
The Bill faces an uncertain fate in the Senate.
your fate is in sb’s hands (=someone will decide what happens to you)
His fate is now in the hands of the judge.

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