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feature /ˈfiːtʃə $ -ər/ noun [countable]

عوارض زمین، عارضه، وضع پست و بلندی زمین، شکل، مشخصه (خصیصه)، سیما، چهره، طرح صورت، ریخت، ترکیب، خصیصه، خصوصیات، نمایان کردن، بطوربرجسته نشان دادن، کامپیوتر: ویژگی، عمران: ترکیب، روانشناسی: مشخصه، ورزش: مهمترین قسمت برنامه ورزشی روز، علوم نظامی: کیفیت
ارسال ایمیل
مهندسی صنایع: خصیصه، ویژگی، مشخصهمهندسی صنایع: نت: ویژگی-خصیصه
فروش/خرید/تدارکات: خصیصه الکترونیک: خصیصه، ویژگی، کامپیوتر: مهمترین قسمت برنامه ورزشی روز، ورزشی: چهره، عوارض زمین، عارضه، وضع پست و بلندی زمین، کیفیت، علوم نظامی: شکل، ترکیب، عمران: مشخصه، خصیصه، : روانشناسی: سیما، چهره، طرح صورت، ریخت، ترکیب، خصیصه، خصوصیات، نمایان کردن، بطوربرجسته نشان دادن

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- aspect, characteristic, facet, factor, hallmark, peculiarity, property, quality, trait
- highlight, attraction, main item, speciality
- article, column, item, piece, report, story
- spotlight, emphasize, foreground, give prominence to, play up, present, star
Related Words: article, detail, item, particular, component, constituent, element, factor, ingredient, individuality, particularity, peculiarity, speciality, specialty, attribute, property, quality
English Thesaurus: article, story, piece, feature, review, ...

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I. feature1 S2 W1 AC /ˈfiːtʃə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: feture 'shape, form', from Latin facere 'to do, make']

1. a part of something that you notice because it seems important, interesting, or typical:
Air bags are a standard feature in most new cars.
feature of
An important feature of Van Gogh’s paintings is their bright colours.
Striped tails are a common feature of many animals.
The hotel’s only redeeming features (=things that make it acceptable) were that it was cheap and near the city centre.
main/important/significant etc feature
The most distinctive feature of the dinosaurs was their size.
One of the distinguishing features (=features that are different from other things of the same sort) of modern banking is its dependence on computers.

2. a piece of writing about a subject in a newspaper or a magazine, or a special report on television or on the radio
feature on
a feature on holidaying with your dog

3. [usually plural] a part of someone’s face, such as their eyes, nose etc:
He had fine delicate features.
Her eyes were her best feature.

4. a part of the land, especially a part that you can see:
Hedges are an important feature of the landscape in Britain.

5. a film being shown at a cinema:
There were a couple of short cartoons before the main feature.
double feature (=when two films are shown together)

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II. feature2 W3 AC verb

1. [intransitive and transitive] to include or show something as a special or important part of something, or to be included as an important part:
The exhibition features paintings by Picasso.
a cruise ship featuring extensive spa facilities
feature in
A study of language should feature in an English literature course.
be featured in something
Pupils visited some of the websites featured in the article.
feature prominently/strongly/heavily etc
Violence seems to feature heavily in all of his books.
feature somebody as something
The film featured Brando as the Godfather.

2. [transitive] to show a film, play etc:
The Retro Theatre is featuring films by Frank Capra this week.

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I. important part of sth
ADJ. basic, central, essential, important, key, main, major, significant | conspicuous, distinctive, distinguishing, dominant, notable, noteworthy, noticeable, predominant, prominent a distinctive feature of his poems
outstanding, remarkable, striking | attractive, endearing, eye-catching | interesting, special, unusual | salient He took me around our new offices, pointing out all the salient features.
useful | characteristic, typical | unique | common the common feature in all these cases
permanent, regular These walks became a regular feature of his day.
recurring Self-deprecation is a recurring feature as Stevenson talks.
redeeming The one redeeming feature of the scheme was its low cost to the council.
original The house retains most of its original features.
built-in | additional | constructional, design, physical, structural | energy-saving, safety a car with new built-in safety features
VERB + FEATURE have The site had a number of interesting features.
retain | point out
FEATURE + VERB distinguish sth the essential feature that distinguishes anorexia nervosa from other eating disorders
characterize sth A feature that characterizes all anteaters is an extremely slow metabolic rate.
include sth Special features include passenger airbags and an electric sunroof.

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II. features: sb's face
ADJ. handsome | delicate, fine | rugged admiring his rugged features
chiselled a slim figure with strongly chiselled features
aquiline, hawk-like | facial
VERB + FEATURE have She's got very delicate features.
PREP. with ~ a young woman with fine features

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III. newspaper article/television item
ADJ. big, major, special | regular The magazine runs a regular feature on ethnic cooking.
VERB + FEATURE do, have, publish, run Next month they will publish a special feature on computer books.
PREP. ~ on an in-depth feature on the Italian fashion scene

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I. include sth as an important part
ADV. regularly Women's magazines regularly feature diets and exercise regimes.
PHRASES be featured in/on sth His work is featured in a special documentary tonight. The school has been featured on television.

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II. have a part in sth
ADV. heavily, highly, largely, prominently, significantly, strongly Reading over his past speeches, you'll see that housing, public health and education feature strongly.
PREP. in Garlic features prominently in her recipes.

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a common feature
Pine trees are a common feature of the Swedish landscape.
a striking feature (=an unusual or interesting feature)
Her long blonde hair is her most striking feature.
a distinguishing feature (=one that makes something different from others of the same type)
A long beak is one of the bird’s distinguishing features.
a unique feature (=a feature which only one thing has)
A unique feature of this guitar is its shape.
an unusual feature
The church’s most unusual feature is this window.
a standard feature (=a normal or usual feature)
Airbags are now a standard feature on most cars.
a regular feature (=one that happens often or a lot)
Delays and cancellations are a regular feature of air travel.
a recurring feature (=one that happens again and again)
Humour is a recurring feature of her novels.
an important feature
The final-year project is an important feature of all undergraduate courses.
a significant feature (=one that has an important effect)
Bad weather was a significant feature in the accident.
a central feature (=an important feature)
Cultural diversity is a central feature of modern British society.
a key feature (=a very important or necessary feature)
Private ownership is a key feature of capitalism.
the main feature
The main feature of the square is the Gothic cathedral.
an attractive feature
The house had many attractive features, notably the large garden.
a design feature (=a detail of the way something has been designed)
The building incorporates many interesting design features.
a safety feature
The car has more safety features than its rivals in the same price range.
a redeeming feature (=one that makes something acceptable)
The hotel’s only redeeming feature was its view of the bay

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