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festival /ˈfestəvəl, ˈfestɪvəl/ noun [countable]

جشنواره ، سور ، شادمانی ، جشنی ، عیدی
- celebration, carnival, entertainment, fête, gala, jubilee
- holy day, anniversary, commemoration, feast, fête, fiesta, holiday, red-letter day, saint's day

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festival S3 W3 /ˈfestəvəl, ˈfestɪvəl/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin festivus; festive]

1. an occasion when there are performances of many films, plays, pieces of music etc, usually happening in the same place every year
festival of
the Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts

2. a special occasion when people celebrate something such as a religious event, and there is often a public holiday:
Christmas is one of the main festivals in the Christian Calendar.

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I. series of performances/events
ADJ. big, major | annual | autumn, spring, etc. | international, local | arts, beer, cultural, dance, drama, film, flower, folk, jazz, literary, music, rock, theatre
VERB + FESTIVAL have, hold | attend, go to, visit | organize | appear at, take part in The school has taken part in the festival since 1997.
FESTIVAL + VERB take place | begin, open, start | attract sb The festival attracts thousands of visitors every year.
FESTIVAL + NOUN organizer | events, programme
PREP. at a/the ~ He's appearing at a local folk festival tonight.
during a/the ~ the movies shown during the eight-day festival
in a/the ~ the events in this year's festival

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II. religious celebration
ADJ. great, important, major | annual | pagan, religious | Christian, Muslim, etc. | harvest
VERB + FESTIVAL celebrate, observe The family always observes the Jewish festivals.
PREP. at/on a/the ~ the pilgrims who arrived on major festivals

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have/hold a festival
Tucson had a film festival last month.
celebrate a festival
The festival is celebrated each July.
go to a festival (also attend a festival formal)
An estimated 20,000 people had attended the festival.
appear/play/speak at a festival (=perform at a festival)
Sting is scheduled to appear at a festival in Amsterdam next month.
take part in a festival (=perform there)
The school choir, which has taken part in the festival since 1980, is rehearsing every day.
a film/music/dance/arts festival
The movie won an award at the Cannes Film Festival.
a rock/pop/jazz/folk festival
He's appeared at folk festivals all over Europe.
a literary festival
the Cheltenham Literary Festival.
a beer festival
the famous Munich beer festival
an international festival
an international festival of drama and dance
a cultural festival
A cultural festival will celebrate the traditions of the local people.
festival events
Many of the festival events are already sold out.
a festival programme (=a series of events at a festival)
This year's festival programme includes musicians from all over the world.
a festival organizer
Festival organizers say they expect more than 50,000 visitors.

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