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fetter /ˈfetə $ -ər/ verb [transitive usually passive]

بخو ، پابند ، (مج). قید ، مانع ، مقید کردن ، در زیر غل وزنجیر اوردن
Synonyms: shackle, bond(s), chains, gyve(s), iron(s)
Synonyms: hamper, clog, curb, entrammel, hobble, hog-tie, leash, shackle, tie, trammel
Contrasted words: disembarrass, disencumber, disentangle, extricate, untangle, detach, disengage

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fetter /ˈfetə $ -ər/ verb [transitive usually passive] literary

1. to restrict someone’s freedom and prevent them from doing what they want:
fettered by family responsibilities

2. to put chains around a prisoner’s hands or feet Synonym : chain

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