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fever /ˈfiːvə $ -ər/ noun

(مج). هیجان ، تب دار کردن ، روانشناسی: تب
پزشکی: تب

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Synonyms: excitement, agitation, delirium, ferment, fervour, frenzy, restlessness

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fever /ˈfiːvə $ -ər/ noun
[Date: 900-1000; Language: Latin; Origin: febris]

1. [uncountable and countable] an illness or a medical condition in which you have a very high temperature:
Andy has a fever and won’t be coming into work today.
I woke up this morning with a fever and an upset stomach.
She’s running a fever (=has a fever).
a high/low/slight fever
The usual symptoms are a pink rash with a slight fever.hay fever, scarlet fever, yellow fever, glandular fever, rheumatic fever

In everyday English, people usually use fever to talk about a very high temperature. If someone's temperature is just high, they say that someone has a temperature rather than has a fever:
He stayed home from school because he had a temperature.

2. [singular] a situation in which many people feel very excited or feel very strongly about something
fever of
a fever of excitement on Wall Street
election/carnival etc fever (=great interest or excitement about a particular activity or event)
Soccer fever has been sweeping the nation as they prepare for the World Cup.

3. (at) fever pitch British English if people’s feelings are at fever pitch, they are extremely excited:
The nation was at fever pitch in the days leading up to the election.
After a night of rioting, tensions in the city reached fever pitch.
cabin fever

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I. high temperature
ADJ. high, raging She had a very high fever.
slight | glandular, rheumatic, scarlet, etc.
QUANT. bout He suffered from recurrent bouts of fever.
VERB + FEVER have, run, suffer from He put his hand to my forehead as if I was running a fever.
catch, come/go down with, develop James has gone down with a fever.
die of | bring down, reduce drugs which can help to bring down the fever
be accompanied by Inflammation is frequently accompanied by fever.
PREP. with a ~ He was in bed with a fever.
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II. nervous excitement
ADJ. election, World Cup
FEVER + VERB grip sb Election fever suddenly gripped the nation.
PREP. in a ~ of She was in a fever of anxiety about him.

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BAD: I'd caught a cold and had a high fever.
GOOD: I'd caught a cold and had a high temperature.

Usage Note:
When someone feels rather ill and their body is hotter than usual, they have a (high) temperature : 'I feel as if I've got a temperature.' 'She's in bed with a high temperature.'
A fever usually refers to a (dangerously) high body temperature, or the disease that produces this: 'In the steaming jungle he had contracted a fever.' 'It seemed as if the fever would shake him to pieces.'

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