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fiasco /fiˈæskəʊ $ -koʊ/ noun (plural fiascoes or fiascos) [countable]

شکست مفتضحانه ، ناکامی ، بطری شراب
Synonyms: debacle, catastrophe, cock-up (Brit. slang), disaster, failure, mess, washout (informal)
English Thesaurus: failure, flop, disaster, fiasco, debacle, ...

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fiasco /fiˈæskəʊ $ -koʊ/ noun (plural fiascoes or fiascos) [countable]
[Date: 1800-1900; Language: Italian; Origin: (far) fiasco '(to make) a bottle, to fail in a performance']
an event that is completely unsuccessful, in a way that is very embarrassing or disappointing Synonym : disaster:
The first lecture I ever gave was a complete fiasco.

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