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first /fɜːst $ fɜːrst/ adjective
first adverb

اولا" ، نخست ، نخستین ، اول ، یکم ، مقدم ، مقدماتی ، اولا ، قانون ـ فقه: بدوا"
- foremost, chief, head, highest, leading, pre-eminent, prime, principal, ruling
- earliest, initial, introductory, maiden, opening, original, premier, primordial
- elementary, basic, cardinal, fundamental, key, primary, rudimentary
- from the first: start, beginning, commencement, inception, introduction, outset, starting point
- beforehand, at the beginning, at the outset, firstly, initially, in the first place, to begin with, to start with
Antonyms: last, final, subordinate
Contrasted words: final, terminal, ultimate, interjacent, intermediary, intermediate, intervenient, intervening, derivative, imitative, secondary, ancillary, auxiliary, subsidiary, considerable, goodly, significant, substantial, tolerable, worthwhile
Related Words: early, pristine, primal, primogenial, primordial, eminent, highest, preeminent, primary, prime, supreme, dominant, paramount, predominant, sovereign, main, outstanding, measly, slight, slim, trifling, trivial

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I. first1 S1 W1 /fɜːst $ fɜːrst/ adjective
[Language: Old English; Origin: fyrst]

1. IN A SERIES coming before all the other things or people in a series:
Ella was his first girlfriend.
the first thing/time/day etc
The first time I flew on a plane I was really nervous.
In the first year, all students take five courses.
He said the first thing that came into his head.
the first step towards achieving a peace agreement
There’s a meeting on the first Monday of every month.
the first two/three/few etc
I only read the first two chapters of the book.
It rained during the first few days of the trip.
The first and last mountain I climbed was Mount Rundle (=it was the only mountain I ever climbed).

2. for the first time used to say that something has never happened or been done before:
For the first time in his life he felt truly happy.
The survey revealed that, for the first time, there are more women in the workplace than men.
Not for the first time she wondered how he coped with so many children.

3. MAIN most important:
Our first priority is to maintain the standard of work.
As I see it, my first responsibility is to my family.

4. in the first place
a) used to talk about the beginning of a situation, or the situation before something happened:
Why did you agree to meet her in the first place?
He wouldn’t have given you the job in the first place if he didn’t think you could do it.
b) written used to give the first in a list of reasons or points:
Her success was secured by two factors. In the first place, she had the support of managers.

5. in the first instance formal at the start of a situation or series of actions:
The appointment of research officer will be for two years in the first instance.
Enquiries should be made in the first instance to the Human Resources Director.

6. at first glance/sight the first time that you look at someone or something, before you notice any details:
At first glance the twins look identical.
At first sight, there didn’t appear to be much at first sight at love2(2)

7. first things first used to say that something should be done or dealt with first because it is the most important

8. (at) first hand if you see, experience, hear etc something at first hand, you see, experience etc it yourself, not through other people:
Many people have seen the horrors of war at first hand.first-hand

9. first prize/place the prize that is given to the best person or thing in a competition
win/take first prize
She won first prize in a painting competition.
first prize/place of
There is a first prize of £10,000.

10. first choice the thing or person you like best:
John was our first choice as a name for the baby.

11. first thing as soon as you get up in the morning, or as soon as you start work:
I’ll call you first thing tomorrow.
We’re leaving first thing.

12. at first light literary very early in the morning:
The search will resume at first light tomorrow.

13. make the first move to be the person who starts to do something when someone else is too nervous, embarrassed etc to do it:
He was glad she had made the first move and kissed him.

14. not have the first idea about something (also not know/understand the first thing about something) to not know anything about a subject, or not know how to do something:
I wouldn’t have the first idea about what to do in that situation.
I don’t know the first thing about cars.

15. the first flush of something the beginning of a good period of time when you are young, successful etc
be in the first flush of passion/youth etc
He was no longer in the first flush of youth.
The first flush of enthusiasm had passed.

16. JOB TITLE used in the title of someone’s job or position to show that they have a high rank:
the first officer
the First Lord of the Admiralty

17. first among equals officially on the same level as other people but really having more power

18. of the first water old-fashioned of the highest quality

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II. first2 S1 W2 adverb

1. before anything or anyone else:
Cindy and Joe arrived first.
An extra five points will be given to the team that finishes first.
First of all we’d better make sure we’ve got everything we need.

2. before doing anything else, or before anything else happens:
I’ll join you in a minute but I need to make a phone call first.

3. done for the first time:
The book was first published in 2000.

4. at the beginning of a situation or activity:
When we were first married we lived in Toronto.
We first became friends when we worked together.

5. [sentence adverb] (also first of all) used before saying the first of several things you want to say Synonym : firstly:
First, I’d like to thank everyone for coming.

6. first off informal
a) before doing anything else:
First off I’d like you all to fill in an evaluation sheet.
b) used before saying the first of several things you want to say, especially when you are annoyed:
First off I didn’t agree with the comments in your email.

7. first up British English spoken informal used to introduce the first thing you are going to talk about, or the first thing that is going to happen:
First up is the Blues song ‘Mississippi Lad’.

8. put somebody/something first to consider someone or something as the most important person or thing:
We need to choose energy policies that put the environment first.
Businesses should always put the customer first.

9. come first
a) to be the most important person or thing to someone:
The care and well-being of patients should always come first.
As far as I’m concerned, the children come first.
come first with
Business always came first with Luke.
b) to win a competition
come first in
The choir came first in all sections of the competition.

10. first and foremost used to emphasize the most important quality, purpose, reason etc:
Dublin is thought of first and foremost for its literary heritage.

11. first and last used to emphasize that something is the most important thing or quality:
She regarded herself as a teacher first and last, not a writer.

12. first come, first served used to say that something will be given to the people who ask for it first, when there is not enough for everyone:
Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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III. first3 noun

1. at first used to talk about the beginning of a situation, especially when it is different now:
At first, Gregory was shy and hardly spoke.
I felt quite disappointed at first.

2. [countable usually singular] something that has never happened or been done before
first for
The 3–0 defeat was a first for the team.
These results are firsts in the history of women’s athletics.
‘I think he’ll agree to it.’‘That will be a first.’

3. from the (very) first from the beginning of a situation:
I was against the idea from the first.
I should have known from the first that the relationship would never work.

4. [countable] the highest mark you can get in a university degree in Britain:
Helen got a first in Law.

5. [uncountable] the lowest gear in a car or other vehicle, that you use when moving slowly Synonym : first gear
in first
You should be in first on a hill like this.
He put the car into first and roared away.

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IV. first4 pronoun

1. the first the first person to do something, or the first thing to happen:
There are now many similar housing projects but this was the first.
We hope this year’s festival will be the first of many.
the first to do something
I always thought my sister would be the first to get married.
James was the first to arrive.

2. the first I knew/heard used when you have just discovered something that other people already know, and you are slightly annoyed:
The first I knew he was in York was when I got an email from him.
the first I knew/heard of/about
The first I knew about it was when Tony called me.

3. the First spoken used after the name of a king, queen, or Pope when other later ones have the same name:
Queen Elizabeth the First (=written as Queen Elizabeth I)

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I. (also
first gear
) lowest gear on a bicycle/vehicle

VERB + FIRST engage She engaged first gear and pulled off.
get into, move into, slam into As he moved into first the gear-lever knob came off in his hand.
put sth into Put the car into first and pull off slowly.
find It's very difficult to find first on this car.
PREP. in ~ There was something wrong with the gearbox and I had to drive all the way home in first.

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II. highest level of university degree
ADJ. double She did Philosophy and English Literature and got a double first.
VERB + FIRST be awarded, gain, get, obtain
PREP. ~ in He got a first in modern history.

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BAD: At first, I would like to introduce myself.
GOOD: First of all, I would like to introduce myself.
BAD: There are four points that I would like to make about the college. At first, there are not enough club activities...
GOOD: There are four points that I would like to make about the college. Firstly, there are not enough club activities...

Usage Note:
First, firstly and first of all First, firstly and first of all introduce the first item in a list or sequence. The next item is normally introduced by then or second/secondly : ‘First, open all the windows. Then turn off the gas and, if necessary, call an ambulance.’ ‘These new computers have several advantages. First of all, they’re faster than the older machines. Secondly, they’re far easier to use. And thirdly, they’re more reliable.’ at first At first introduces a situation which is in contrast with a later situation (after a change has taken place): ‘At first I didn’t like the climate, but after two years I got used to it.’
In the beginning Like at first, in the beginning introduces a situation which is in contrast with a later situation. However, in the beginning is less common and suggests that the speaker is looking a long way back into the past to the period of time immediately after something began: ’In the beginning, when the first settlers arrived, law and order didn’t exist.’
At the beginning refers to (1) the point in time when something begins: ’At the beginning of each lesson there is usually a revision exercise.’(2) the place where something begins: ’At the beginning of the novel there is a long description of the farm where Daniel was born and grew up.’Unlike in the beginning , at the beginning is usually followed by of: ’at the beginning of the week/holiday/film’.

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