first aid
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ˌfirst ˈaid noun [uncountable]

کمکهای اولیه ، مددکاری کردن ، کمکهای مقدماتی ، علوم نظامی: مددکاری
ˌfirst ˈaid noun [uncountable]
simple medical treatment that is given as soon as possible to someone who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill:
Being given first aid at the scene of the accident probably saved his life.

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first aid
ADJ. emergency
VERB + FIRST AID administer, give While one of you gives first aid, the other should call an ambulance.
receive | be trained in At least one member of staff should be trained in first aid.
FIRST AID + NOUN box, kit, manual | course | post Medics were bringing casualties to the first-aid post.

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