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fix /fɪks/ verb

نصب کردن ثابت کردن ، تعمیر کردن ، ثابت کردن ، تصحیح کردن تثبیت کردن ، نقطه کردن ناو تعیین محل ناو روی نقشه ، کار گذاشتن ، درست کردن ، پابرجا کردن ، نصب کردن ، محکم کردن ، استوارکردن ، سفت کردن ، جادادن ، چشم دوختن به ، تعیین کردن ، قراردادن ، بحساب کسی رسیدن ، تنبیه کردن ، ثابت شدن ، ثابت ماندن ، مستقر شدن ، گیر ، حیص وبیص ، تنگنا ، مواد مخدره ، افیون ، علوم مهندسی: ثابت شدن ، کامپیوتر: ثابت کردن ، زیست شناسی: برجا ، ورزش: تبانی ، علوم نظامی: تثبیت محل ناو ، علوم دریایی: نقطه کردن
الکترونیک: ثابت کردن ، کامپیوتر: ثابت ، برجا ، زیست شناسی: مستقر شدن ، کار گذاشتن ، نصب کردن ثابت کردن ، تعیین کردن ، ثابت شدن ، علوم مهندسی: تبانی ، ورزشی: نقطه کردن ، علوم دریایی: تعمیر کردن ، ثابت کردن ، تصحیح کردن تثبیت کردن ، ثابت ، نقطه کردن ناو تعیین محل ناو روی نقشه ، تثبیت محل ناو ، علوم نظامی: کار گذاشتن ، درست کردن ، پابرجا کردن ، نصب کردن ، محکم کردن ، استوارکردن ، سفت کردن ، جادادن ، چشم دوختن به ، تعیین کردن ، قراردادن ، بحساب کسی رسیدن ، تنبیه کردن ، ثابت شدن ، ثابت ماندن ، مستقر شدن ، گیر، حیص وبیص ، تنگنا، مواد مخدره ، افیون کامپیوتر: تعمیر کردن

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- place, embed, establish, implant, install, locate, plant, position, set
- fasten, attach, bind, connect, link, secure, stick, tie
- decide, agree on, arrange, arrive at, determine, establish, set, settle, specify
- repair, correct, mend, patch up, put to rights, see to
- focus, direct
- manipulate, fiddle (informal), influence, rig
- predicament, difficulty, dilemma, embarrassment, mess, pickle (informal), plight, quandary
Antonyms: alter, abrogate
Contrasted words: change, modify, vary, overthrow, overturn, subvert, upset, dislodge, displace, disorganize, unsettle
Related Words: stabilize, steady, decide, determine, rule, specify, inculcate, instill, mend, patch, rebuild, repair, amend, emend, revise
English Thesaurus: cook, make, prepare, rustle up, fix, ...

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I. fix1 S2 W2 /fɪks/ verb
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: fixus, past participle of figere 'to fasten']

1. REPAIR [transitive] to repair something that is broken or not working properly:
He’s outside fixing the brakes on the car.
Ellis was able to quickly find and fix the problem.

2. LIMIT [transitive]
a) to decide on a limit for something, especially prices, costs etc, so that they do not change Synonym : set
fix something at something
The interest rate has been fixed at 6.5%.
Rent was fixed at $1,750 per month.
b) if two or more companies fix the price for a particular product or service, they secretly agree on the price they will charge for it, in order to keep the price high and make more profit. This practice is illegal:
The government accused the two companies of fixing petrol prices.

3. fix a time/date/place etc to decide on a particular time etc when something will happen:
Have you fixed a date for the wedding yet?

4. ARRANGE (also fix up) [intransitive and transitive] spoken to make arrangements for something:
‘So when do I get to meet them?’ ‘Tomorrow, if I can fix it.’
fix (it) for somebody to do something
I’ve fixed for you to see him this afternoon at four.

5. ATTACH [transitive] to attach something firmly to something else, so that it stays there permanently
fix something to/on something
The shelves should be fixed to the wall with screws.

6. PREPARE FOOD [transitive] informal especially American English to prepare a meal or drinks Synonym : get:
I’ll watch the kids and you fix dinner.
fix somebody something
Can I fix you a snack?
Terry fixed herself a cold drink and sat out on the balcony.

7. SOLVE [transitive] to find a solution to a problem or bad situation:
The government seems confident that environmental problems can be fixed.

8. fix your attention/eyes/mind etc on somebody/something to think about or look at someone or something carefully:
Aziz tried to fix his mind on the job at hand.
Every eye was fixed on the new girl.

9. fix somebody with a stare/glare/look etc literary to look directly at someone for a long time:
Rachel fixed him with an icy stare.

10. HAIR/FACE [transitive] especially American English to make your hair or make-up look neat and attractive:
Who fixed your hair for the wedding?
Hold on. Let me just fix my face (=put on make-up) before we go out.

11. CAT/DOG [transitive] American English informal to do a medical operation on a cat or dog so that it cannot have babies Synonym : neuter

12. RESULT [transitive] to arrange an election, game etc dishonestly, so that you get the result you want:
Many suspected that the deal had been fixed in advance.

13. PAINTINGS/PHOTOGRAPHS [transitive] technical to use a chemical process on paintings, photographs etc that makes the colours or images permanent

14. PUNISH [transitive] informal used to say that you will punish someone you are angry with:
If anybody did that to me, I’d fix him good.

15. be fixing to do something American English spoken to be preparing to do something – used in some parts of the US:
I’m fixing to go to the store. Do you need anything?
fix on somebody/something phrasal verb
to choose a suitable thing or person, especially after thinking about it carefully:
We’ve finally fixed on a place to have the concert.
fix somebody/something ↔ up phrasal verb

1. to arrange a meeting, event etc:
I fixed up an interview with him.
We’ll have to fix up a time to meet.

2. to decorate or repair a room or building Synonym : do up:
We fixed up the guest bedroom before he came to stay.

3. to provide someone with something they want
fix somebody/something ↔ up with
Can you fix me up with a bed for the night?

4. to find a suitable romantic partner for someone
fix somebody/something ↔ up with
I asked my best friend to fix me up with someone.

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II. fix2 noun

1. [countable] something that solves a problem:
Robinson called the proposal a quick fix (=a temporary or easy solution) of limited value.

2. (be) in a fix to have a problem that is difficult to solve Synonym : (be) in a mess:
We’re going to be in a real fix if we miss that bus.
That’s put us in a fix.

3. [singular] an amount of something, especially an illegal drug such as heroin, that you often use and badly want:
addicts looking for a fix
I need my fix of caffeine in the morning or I can’t think.

4. get a fix on somebody/something
a) to find out exactly where someone or something is:
He peered out, trying to get a fix on the enemy’s position.
b) to understand what someone or something is really like:
I couldn’t seem to get a fix on the situation.

5. [singular] something that has been dishonestly arranged:
People think the election was a fix.

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I. solution to a problem
ADJ. quick There is no quick fix to the breakdown in negotiations between the two companies.
technical, technological | bug The new software incorporates many bug fixes and product improvements.

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II. amount of sth, especially a drug
ADJ. regular
VERB + FIX have He gets withdrawal symptoms if he hasn't had his regular fix.
need | get

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III. difficult situation
VERB + FIX be in I was in a fix.
get in/into How did you get into such a fix?
put sb in The power cut put us in a fix because we had invited people to dinner.
get (sb) out of I lent her the money to get her out of a fix.

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ADV. firmly, securely | directly
PREP. onto, to The handrail can be fixed directly to the wall.
PHRASES fix sth in place/position Fix the bars in position with the screws provided.

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See: get a fix or give someone a fix , get a fix on

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