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flagitious adjective. [flǝ'dʒɪʃǝs]

تبه کار ، بدکار ، ستمگر ، شریر ، بسیار زشت
Synonyms: vicious, corrupt, degenerate, depraved, infamous, miscreant, nefarious, perverse, rotten, villainous
Contrasted words: good, upstanding, virtuous
Related Words: criminal, scandalous, sinful, wicked, disgraceful, shameful, flagrant, glaring, gross

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fla·gi·tious (flə-jĭshəs)
Characterized by extremely brutal or cruel crimes; vicious.
Infamous; scandalous: “That remorseless government persisted in its flagitious project” (Robert Southey).

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[Middle English flagicious, wicked, from Latin flāgitiōsus, from flāgitium, shameful act, protest, from flāgitāre, to importune, to demand vehemently.]

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fla·gitious·ly adv.
fla·gitious·ness n.

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