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flare /fleə $ fler/ verb

پاس کوتاه به مدافع پشت تجمع (فوتبال امریکایی) ، پخ دار ، مشعل ، موشک منور ، گلوله روشن کننده موشک روشن کننده ، فشفشه ، روشنایی خیره کننده و نامنظم ، زبانه کشی ، شعله زنی ، چراغ یانشان دریایی ، نمایش ، خود نمایی ، باشعله نامنظم سوختن ، از جا در رفتن ، علوم مهندسی: زبانه کشیده ، نجوم: شراره ، ورزش: پاس کوتاه به مدافع پشت تجمع ، علوم هوایی: منور ، علوم نظامی: فشفشه روشن کننده

: flare 1

خم کمانی (سینه) ، علوم دریایی: خم کمانی

: flare 2

علوم دریایی: فشفشه
- blaze, burn up, flicker, glare
- widen, broaden, spread out
- flame, blaze, burst, flash, flicker, glare
Antonyms: gutter out
Related Idioms: burst into flame
Related Words: dart, shoot, flicker, flutter

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I. flare1 /fleə $ fler/ verb

1. (also flare up) [intransitive] to suddenly begin to burn, or to burn more brightly for a short time:
The fire flared up again.

2. (also flare up) [intransitive] if strong feelings flare or flare up, people suddenly become angry, violent etc:
Rioting has flared up in several towns.
Tempers flared during the debate.

3. (also flare up) [intransitive] if a disease or illness flares up, it suddenly becomes worse:
The injury has flared up again, keeping him out of today’s game.

4. [intransitive and transitive] if a person or animal flares their nostrils (=the openings at the end of the nose), or if their nostrils flare, their nostrils become wider because they are angry:
The bull flared its nostrils.

5. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if a piece of clothing flares out, it becomes wider at one end
flare out
The dress flares out from the hips.
—flared adjective:
flared jeans

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II. flare2 noun

1. [countable] a piece of equipment that produces a bright flame, or the flame itself, used outdoors as a signal:
The distress flares were spotted by another ship.

2. [countable usually singular] a sudden bright flame:
There was a brief flare as the match was lit.

3. flares [plural] trousers that become wide below the knee

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I. bright unsteady light/flame; sudden feeling
ADJ. brief, sudden There was a sudden flare as a fuel tank exploded.
bright | solar Radiation comes from the sun during solar flares.
VERB + FLARE see | feel She felt a sudden flare of anger.

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II. device producing a bright flame
ADJ. distress
VERB + FLARE see If they did not see a green flare in ten minutes, they were to launch the attack.
fire, send up, set off The ship's crew sent up a distress flare.
drop The bomber dropped a flare to illuminate the target.
FLARE + VERB go up The flare to mark the start of the attack went up at 0440.
burn They could see orange flares burning in the distance.
explode | hit sb/sth A flare fired by a supporter hit the referee in the face.
illuminate sth, light sth (up) Flares lit up the night sky.

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ADV. suddenly Anger suddenly flared in his eyes.
briefly A light flared briefly, then went out.
up Violence flared up in the capital last night.
PHRASES flare into life The fire flared into life again.

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