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flavour , flavor /ˈfleɪvə $ -ər/ noun

مزه وبو ، طعم ، مزه دار کردن ، خوش مزه کردن ، چاشنی زدن به ، معطرکردن
- taste, aroma, flavouring, piquancy, relish, savour, seasoning, smack, tang, zest
- quality, character, essence, feel, feeling, style, tinge, tone
- season, ginger up, imbue, infuse, leaven, spice

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I. flavour1 British English, flavor American English /ˈfleɪvə $ -ər/ noun

1. [countable] the particular taste of a food or drink:
Which flavour do you want – chocolate or vanilla?
flavour of
a dry wine with flavors of honey and apricot

2. [uncountable] the quality of tasting good:
I prefer this one because it has more flavour.

3. [uncountable and countable] a substance used to give something a particular taste Synonym : flavouring:
artificial flavours

4. [singular] a quality or feature that makes something have a particular style or character:
The stories have a strong regional flavour.
flavour of
Critics claim the building would destroy the flavor of the neighborhood.

5. [singular] an idea of what the typical qualities of something are
flavour of
Marston’s book gives you a flavour of life in the 16th century.

6. flavour of the month an idea, person, style etc that is very popular at a particular time

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II. flavour2 British English, flavor American English verb [transitive]
to give something a particular taste or more taste

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I. taste of food
ADJ. delicious, exquisite, fine, good, lovely, pleasant, wonderful | characteristic, distinctive, particular, unique, unmistakable | true | full, pronounced, rich, strong | mellow, rounded | delicate, mild, subtle | bland | extra | fresh | sweet | bitter, sharp, sour, tangy, tart | salty | hot, spicy | smoky | exotic | cheese/cheesy, chocolate, fruit, lemon/lemony, minty, nutty, etc.
VERB + FLAVOUR have It's got a very mild flavour.
take on Coffee takes on a flavour all of its own when enjoyed with freshly cooked pastry.
keep Delicate herbs keep their flavour better when frozen.
lose | add, give sth, impart, lend (sth), provide a herb that adds a characteristic flavour to a range of dishes
bring out, release The lemon juice brings out the natural fruit flavours. Bay leaves should be broken to release their flavour. | enhance, improve | spoil | destroy Cooking the vegetable destroys its wonderful delicate flavour.
appreciate, enjoy, savour Enjoy the flavour of fresh fish.
FLAVOUR + NOUN enhancer Salt is a common flavour enhancer.
PREP. for ~ Cream may be added to the sauce for extra flavour.
with a ~ a dish with a strong spicy flavour
PHRASES full of flavour vegetables that are fresh and full of flavour

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II. particular quality/atmosphere
ADJ. distinctive, particular, true, unique | pronounced, strong | international, local, oriental, regional | American, Scandinavian, etc. | political
VERB + FLAVOUR have The college has a truly international flavour.
acquire, take on The music festival has taken on a distinctly German flavour.
lose | add, give sth, impart, provide The intervention of the authorities gave union struggles a decidedly political flavour.
experience, get The children experienced the flavour of medieval life. She rotated around the departments to get a flavour of all aspects of the business.
appreciate, enjoy | capture The film captures the flavour of rural life in this area.
PREP. with a … ~ a TV show with an American flavour

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Mango has a delicious flavour.
sweet/spicy/bitter/salty etc
The flavor was like peaches, but not as sweet.
The seeds have a nutty flavour.
a relatively mild chili with a rich, smoky flavor
The flavour of the sauce was quite strong.
rich (=strong and pleasant)
The brown sugar makes the flavour especially rich.
I prefer a sausage with a milder flavour.
mellow/smooth (=pleasant and not strong or bitter)
Add milk to make the flavour more mellow.
delicate/subtle (=pleasant and not strong)
The wine should be served cold so that it doesn’t lose any of its delicate flavour.
distinctive/unique (=very different from other foods or drinks)
Juniper berries give the drink its distinctive flavour.
chocolate/strawberry etc flavour
Does this milkshake come in a chocolate flavor?
have a sweet/strong etc flavour
These biscuits have a very distinctive flavour.
add/give flavour
Herbs add flavor to a salad.
bring out the flavour (=make the flavour more noticeable)
The fruit is cooked to bring out the flavour.
improve/enhance the flavour
You can enhance the flavour by adding some cream.
be full of flavour
The beef is tender and full of flavour.

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