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flee /fliː/ verb (past tense and past participle fled /fled/) [intransitive and transitive]

Irregular Forms: (fled)

گریختن ، فرار کردن ، بسرعت رفتن ، fly
Synonyms: run away, bolt, depart, escape, fly, make one's getaway, scarper (Brit. slang), take flight, take off (informal), take to one's heels, turn tail
Contrasted words: stand, stay
Related Idioms: take a (runout) powder
Related Words: avoid, elude, evade, shun
English Thesaurus: escape, get away, break free/break away, flee, get out, ...

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flee /fliː/ verb (past tense and past participle fled /fled/) [intransitive and transitive] written
[Language: Old English; Origin: flean]
to leave somewhere very quickly, in order to escape from danger:
His attackers turned and fled.
Masaari spent six months in prison before fleeing the country.
flee to/from/into
Many German artists fled to America at the beginning of World War II.

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ADV. abroad, across the border, into exile Hundreds of refugees fled across the border to escape the fighting.
north, south, etc. | in panic
VERB + FLEE be forced to, have to They were forced to flee the country.
try to | manage to | turn They turned and fled when they saw the gang of youths approaching them.
PREP. from She dropped the phone and fled from the office.
into/to They fled to Britain when the war started.
PHRASES flee empty-handed When the police arrived the burglars fled empty-handed.
flee for your life She had to flee for her life when soldiers attacked her village.
flee in panic/terror The children fled in terror as the hay caught fire.
flee like the wind When danger threatens, collect your possessions and flee like the wind.
flee to safety The family managed to flee to safety.

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