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flight /flaɪt/ noun

مانع در دو (اسب دوانی) ، مانع ، هواپیما ، رسد هوایی ، مسیر پرواز ، مهاجرت (مرغان یا حشرات) ، عزیمت ، گریز ، پرواز کردن ، فرارکردن ، کوچ کردن ، یک رشته پلکان ، سلسله ، ورزش: پرواز بلند و طولانی توپ پس از ضربه یا توپ زدن بطوری که ناگهان به زمین بیافتد ، بهترین نتیجه دور مقدماتی ، علوم هوایی: پرواز ، علوم نظامی: پرش
- journey, trip, voyage
- aviation, aeronautics, flying
- flock, cloud, formation, squadron, swarm, unit
(Of air travel)
escape, departure, exit, exodus, fleeing, getaway, retreat, running away
English Thesaurus: journey, trip, tour, excursion, expedition, ...

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flight S3 W2 /flaɪt/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: flyht]

1. TRAVEL [countable] a journey in a plane or space vehicle, or the plane or vehicle that is making the journey ⇒ fly:
He immediately booked a flight to Toulouse.
There are only three flights a day to Logan Airport from Heathrow.

2. FLYING [uncountable] when something flies through the air
in flight
pelicans in flight
In 1968, the first supersonic airliner took flight (=began flying).

3. MOVEMENT THROUGH AIR [uncountable] an object’s or bird’s movement through the air:
During its flight, the weapon twists and turns.

4. STAIRS [countable] a set of stairs between one floor and the next:
Bert lives two flights down from here.
a flight of stairs/steps
She fell down a whole flight of stairs.

5. ESCAPE [uncountable] when you leave a place in order to try and escape from a person or a dangerous situation
flight from
Donald Woods' hasty flight from South Africa early in 1978
take flight (also take to flight )British English:
When the alarm sounded, the whole gang took flight.
put somebody to flight (=make someone run away especially by fighting or threatening them)

6. flight of fancy/imagination/fantasy thoughts, ideas etc that are full of imagination but that are not practical or sensible

7. BIRDS [countable] a group of birds all flying together Synonym : flock
flight of
a flight of swallows
in-flight, top-flight

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I. journey by air; plane making journey
ADJ. return The first prize is a return flight to Delhi. The outbound flight was smooth but the return flight was held up by six hours.
outbound | connecting | shuttle | regular, scheduled | charter | commercial | direct, non-stop | special | delayed | domestic, internal, local | long, long-distance, long-haul | intercontinental, international, transatlantic | first I got to the airport early to be ready for the first flight out.
last She flew into London on the last flight from Frankfurt.
first, maiden The Wright Brothers made their first flight in the Kitty Hawk in 1903.
final, last This will be the last flight of the vintage aircraft before it is installed in the museum.
early | evening, morning, night | bumpy The bumpy flight brought on a bout of airsickness.
smooth | pleasure | mercy, relief | military | reconnaissance, surveillance | routine | training a routine air-force training flight
solo | air, space | airline, (hot-air) balloon, helicopter | cargo, passenger | cheap
VERB + FLIGHT catch, take, travel on They caught an early flight back to London.
miss | have Did you have a good flight?
make The aeroplane made its maiden flight in 1976.
be booked on/onto, be on I'm on the first flight to Milan in the morning.
book (sb), book sb/yourself on/onto, get He asked her to book him on the next available flight to Geneva. We managed to get a non-stop flight to New York. | charter The club has chartered a special flight from Manchester to Bologna for their fans.
confirm | cancel, suspend The UN has suspended relief flights because of shelling around the airport.
change | board | operate The airline operates regular flights to Greece.
delay, hold up | divert The flight was diverted to Gatwick because of a bomb scare.
blow up She was accused of planting the bomb that blew up flight 217.
FLIGHT + VERB be bound for sth a flight bound for Antigua
leave, take off | arrive | land | be full I'm afraid I can't book you onto that flight?it's full.
FLIGHT + NOUN number We need your time of arrival and flight number.
time The flight time from Heathrow to Marseilles is less than two hours.
delay Your travel insurance compensates you for flight delays.
attendant, crew | commander, engineer (both military)
instruments | recorder The flight recorder should help to establish why the plane suddenly crashed.
simulator | path They have persuaded the authorities to divert the flight path of the military jets away from their village.
PREP. aboard/on/on board a/the ~ passengers aboard a flight bound for Johannesburg
during a/the ~ Please refrain from smoking during the flight.
~ for She took a flight for Los Angeles.
~ from, ~ out of They waited for the first flight out of Lisbon.
~ to a flight from S

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II. action of flying
ADJ. sustained | steady | normal | forward | soaring | low-level | horizontal, level | vertical | circular, curving | high-speed, supersonic
VERB + FLIGHT be capable of Barn owls are capable of flight at 56 days.
achieve Bats are the only mammals to have wings and to achieve sustained flight.
take They watched the young eagles take flight.
PREP. during ~ The wings vibrate during flight.
in ~ a flock of geese in flight
PHRASES the line of flight Don't get into the line of flight of the bees?you'd be sure to get stung.

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III. number of stairs/steps
ADJ. long | short | steep | shallow | broad | narrow | double The villa is fronted by a double flight of stairs.
VERB + FLIGHT climb (up), go/run/walk up | descend, go/run/walk down | fall down
FLIGHT + VERB lead … a flight of steps leading to the foyer
go down/up sth A flight of steps goes up the left-hand side of the room.
PREP. down/up a/the ~ The office is just round that corner and up a short flight of stairs.
PHRASES (at the bottom/top of) a flight of stairs/steps

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IV. running away
ADJ. headlong, panicked
VERB + FLIGHT put (sb/sth) to (literary) The army was defeated and the king put to flight.
take As soon as they detected the cheetah the antelope took flight.
PREP. in ~ Left-wing opposition leaders, in flight from persecution, went across the border.
~ from a headlong flight from danger
~ into a flight into the unknown
~ to The story tells of his flight from East to West Berlin.

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book a flight (=reserve a seat on a particular plane)
I booked the flight over the Internet.
get a flight (=book it)
I’ll be there tomorrow morning if I can get a flight.
catch a flight (=be in time to get on a plane)
They caught a flight that night to Frankfurt.
board a flight (=get on a flight)
We arrived at the departure lounge to board the flight to Madrid.
miss a flight (=arrive too late for a flight)
Jack overslept and missed his flight.
charter a flight (=pay a company for the use of their aircraft)
The club have chartered a special flight for fans.
operate flights (=make flights available for people to use)
The airline operates three flights a day between London and New York.
get on/off a flight
She’d just got off a flight from Buenos Aires.
travel on a flight
Passengers travelling on flight BMI 373 to Zurich should proceed to gate 17.
a flight is cancelled (=a flight that was due to go somewhere does not go)
All flights have been cancelled due to fog.
a flight is delayed (=it is late leaving)
Her flight was delayed and she arrived over an hour late.
a flight is diverted (=it is made to change direction and land at a different airport)
Our flight was diverted to Manchester because of poor weather.
a flight is bound for London/New York etc (=it is going there)
Johnson boarded a flight bound for Caracas.
Have a good flight!
smooth (=with no problems or sudden movements)
The flight had been smooth all the way.
bumpy (=uncomfortable because the plane moved up and down a lot)
The flight was very bumpy, and we really wondered whether we would make it.
I was very tired after the long flight.
cheap flights
Environmental groups are calling for an end to cheap flights.
a direct/non-stop flight (=a flight going straight from one place to another without stopping )
the first direct flight to Tokyo
an international flight (=a flight between one country and another)
The number of international flights increased by over 5% last year.
a domestic/internal flight (=a flight within a country)
Is there a domestic flight between Havana and Varadero?
a long-haul flight (=travelling a long distance)
You should wear comfortable clothes on a long-haul flight.
a scheduled flight (=a plane service that flies at the same time every day or every week)
There are scheduled flights between the islands.
a charter flight (=a plane service that is arranged for a particular group or purpose)
The company is operating charter flights to Crete.
a connecting flight (=a flight that arrives before another one leaves)
We had to wait for three hours in New York before catching a connecting flight to Chicago.
an intercontinental flight (=a flight that goes from one continent to another, for example from Europe to Asia)
Passengers on intercontinental flights can reserve seats with extra legroom.
a routine flight (=a normal flight)
They were on a routine flight when their helicopter developed engine trouble
an airline flight
domestic airline flights
a test flight (=a flight to test a new plane)
The aircraft made a successful test flight on June 3rd.
a maiden flight (=the first flight of an aircraft)
The plane’s maiden flight is scheduled for November.
the flight time (=how long it takes to fly somewhere)
Our estimated flight time is three hours and fifteen minutes.
the flight path (=the route taken by an aircraft)
They lived directly underneath a busy flight path.
the flight number
Write the flight number on all your luggage labels.
a flight plan (=the planned route of an aircraft)
For some reason the pilot diverged from the flight plan.

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