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fling /flɪŋ/ verb (past tense and past participle flung /flʌŋ/) [transitive always + adverb/preposition]
fling noun [countable usually singular]

Irregular Forms: (flung)

پرت کردن ، انداختن ، افکندن ، پرتاب ، جفتک پرانی ، بیرون دادن ، روانه ساختن
- throw, cast, catapult, heave, hurl, propel, sling, toss
- binge (informal), bash, good time, party, rave-up (Brit. slang), spree
Antonyms: utmost
Contrasted words: catch, grab, receive, best, limit, maximum
Related Words: attempt, effort, essay, trial
English Thesaurus: relationship, relationship with, relationship between, be in a relationship, sexual relationship, ...

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I. fling1 /flɪŋ/ verb (past tense and past participle flung /flʌŋ/) [transitive always + adverb/preposition]
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: From a Scandinavian language]

1. THROW SOMETHING to throw something somewhere using a lot of force
fling something into something
He flung the box into the river.
People cheered and flung their hats into the air.

2. MOVE SOMETHING to throw or move something roughly and carelessly:
He flung his coat over the back of a chair.
She flung back the covers and got up.
He flung the books aside angrily.

3. PUSH SOMEBODY to push someone roughly, especially so that they fall to the ground Synonym : throw:
He grabbed her arm and flung her to the ground.

4. MOVE YOUR BODY to move yourself or part of your body quickly, using a lot of force Synonym : throw:
He flung himself down on the bed.
She flung her arms round Louise.

5. SAY SOMETHING to say something to someone in an angry way Synonym : throw
fling something at somebody
People were flinging all sorts of accusations at her.
His own words were flung back at him.

6. fling something open to open a door or window roughly, using a lot of force:
The door was flung open and Selkirk entered.

7. fling somebody in/into prison/jail to put someone in prison, often without having a good reason:
Opposition leaders were flung into jail.

8. fling yourself into something to start doing something with a lot of energy:
After the divorce he flung himself into his work to forget her.

9. fling yourself at somebody
a) to move suddenly towards someone in order to attack them or hold them:
He flung himself at her and snatched the bag.
The children flung themselves at him, squealing with joy.
b) informal to show in a very clear open way that you want to have a sexual relationship with someone – used to show disapproval
fling something ↔ off phrasal verb
to quickly remove a piece of clothing Synonym : tear off:
He flung off his coat.
fling somebody/something ↔ out phrasal verb British English informal

1. to make someone leave a place when they do not want to Synonym : throw somebody/something out
fling somebody/something ↔ out of
He was flung out of school for swearing at a teacher.

2. to get rid of something you no longer want or need Synonym : throw something out:
If it doesn’t work, just fling it out.

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II. fling2 noun [countable usually singular]

1. a short and not very serious sexual relationship:
They had a brief fling a few years ago.

2. a short period of time during which you enjoy yourself without worrying about anything:
He sees this as his final fling before he retires.

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ADJ. brief | (one) final, (one) last The athlete will have one final fling (= participate in one final competition) before retirement.
VERB + FLING have She's had her fling and now she's got to settle down.
PREP. ~ with He had a fling with his neighbour's wife.

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