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floor /flɔː $ flɔːr/ noun [countable]

محدوده زمین ، کف (در ازمون) ، کف اطاق ، کف زمین ، بستر (دره وغیره) ، بزمین زدن ، شکست دادن ، کف سازی کردن ، اشکوب ، طبقه ، علوم مهندسی: کف ، عمران: کف اطاق ، معماری: اشکوب ، روانشناسی: کف ، ورزش: ناک دان
کامپیوتر: گرد کردن به بالا

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- tier, level, stage, storey
- knock down, deck (slang), prostrate
- bewilder, baffle, confound, defeat, disconcert, dumbfound, perplex, puzzle, stump, throw (informal)
English Thesaurus: floor, storey, the ground floor, the first floor, deck, ...

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I. floor1 S1 W1 /flɔː $ flɔːr/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: flor]

1. IN A BUILDING the flat surface that you stand on inside a building:
a polished wooden floor
a puddle of water on the kitchen floor
a warehouse that has 410,000 square feet of floor space

2. IN A CAR British English the part of a car that forms its inside floor Synonym : floorboard American English

3. LEVEL IN BUILDING one of the levels in a building:
a ground floor flat
on the top/first/tenth etc floor
Our office is on the top floor.
floor of
We are located on the seventh floor of the building.

4. OCEAN/FOREST/CAVE FLOOR ETC the ground at the bottom of the ocean, the forest etc:
creatures that live on the ocean floor

5. FOR DANCING an area in a room where people can dance:
There were two or three couples already on the dance floor.
take (to) the floor (=begin dancing)
Everyone took to the floor for the last waltz.

6. WHERE PEOPLE WORK a large area in a building where a lot of people do their jobs:
He wasn’t keen on the idea of working on the shop floor (=the part of a factory where people make things using machines).
the busy trading floor (=area where STOCKS and SHARES are bought and sold)

7. LIMIT an officially agreed limit below which something cannot go ⇒ ceiling:
Manufacturers have tried to put a floor under the price of their products.

8. the floor
a) the people attending a public meeting:
Are there any questions from the floor?
b) the part of a parliament, public meeting place etc where people sit:
The delegates crowded the floor of the House.

9. take the floor to begin speaking at an important public meeting:
The chairman then took the floor.

10. have the floor to be speaking or have the right to speak at an important public meeting:
He stepped aside to allow other speakers to have the floor.

11. go through the floor if a price, amount etc goes through the floor, it becomes very low Antonym : go through the roof:
Share prices have gone through the floor.

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II. floor2 verb [transitive]

1. to surprise or shock someone so much that they do not know what to say or do:
A couple of the questions completely floored me.

2. to hit someone so hard that they fall down:
He was floored in the first round of the fight.

3. American English informal to make a car go as fast as possible:
I got into the car and floored it.

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I. lower surface of a room
ADJ. bare I can't sleep on the bare floor!
carpeted, parquet, tiled, wood, wooden | polished | bathroom, kitchen, etc.
VERB + FLOOR clean, mop, polish, scrub, sweep, wash, wax, wipe | drop to, fall to His glass fell to the floor and broke.
FLOOR + NOUN covering, tile | space
PREP. on the ~ Do you mind sitting on the floor?
PHRASES from floor to ceiling Bookcases lined the walls from floor to ceiling.

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II. bottom of the sea, a forest, etc.
ADJ. cave, forest, ocean, sea, valley

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III. level in a building
ADJ. bottom, ground | top | first, second, etc. | mezzanine | lower, upper
VERB + FLOOR occupy The offices occupy the two top floors of the building.
PREP. on the ~ a cafe on the mezzanine floor

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clean the floor
Next he had to clean the floor.
wash/mop the floor
The floor needs mopping.
sweep the floor
He grabbed a broom and began sweeping the floor.
wax/polish the floor
I washed and waxed the kitchen floor.
sit/lie/sleep on the floor
Officers found her lying face down on the floor.
fall/drop/sink to the floor
He let his cigarette fall to the floor.
the bathroom/kitchen/bedroom etc floor
I’ve still got to clean the bathroom floor.
a wooden floor
The hut had a muddy wooden floor.
a marble floor
He strode across the marble floor.
a tiled floor
There were a couple of oriental rugs on the tiled floor.
a carpeted floor
Barbara was sitting on the carpeted floor.
a bare floor (=not covered by anything)
Father Murphy led me to a tiny room with a bare floor and a simple bed.
floor tiles (=flat square pieces of clay or other material, used to cover floors)
When you buy floor tiles, always get a few extra.
floor polish
The room smelt of floor polish.
a floor covering (=a material, such as carpet, that covers a floor)
A carpet fitter can fit floor coverings quickly and inexpensively.
floor space (=a measure of how big a room or building is, based on the size of the floor)
The shop has 33,000 square feet of floor space.

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BAD: I was just about to enter the station when someone grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me to the floor.
GOOD: I was just about to enter the station when someone grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me to the ground.

Usage Note:
The floor is the surface that you walk on when you are indoors: ‘Our cat likes to sit on the floor under my desk.’ ‘It’s about time someone cleaned the kitchen floor.’
The ground is the surface that you walk on when you are outdoors: ‘The ground was covered with snow.’ ‘In the middle of the forest was a bare patch of marshy ground.’
Grounds refers to the area surrounding and belonging to a school, hospital, hotel, stately home, etc, usually enclosed by a wall or fence: ‘Parking within the hospital grounds is strictly prohibited.’
Land refers to (1) an area of ground that is owned or used by someone, or that is controlled by a particular country: ‘All the land from here to the stream belongs to the Pattersons.’‘Disagreements about land have led to many wars.’
(2) (also the land ) the part of the Earth’s surface that is not covered by water: ‘After three days at sea, I was looking forward to being on land again.’
Territory is the area that is controlled by a particular country, army or power: ‘One of the results of losing the war was that the country had to give up almost half its territory.’ ‘They had wandered by mistake into enemy territory.’
Soil is the material in which plants and trees grow: ‘This plant needs rich soil to grow well.’

BAD: The fire started at the seventh floor.
GOOD: The fire started on the seventh floor.
BAD: Room 229 was in the second floor.
GOOD: Room 229 was on the second floor.

Usage Note:
on the ground/first/second etc floor (NOT in/at ): 'The canteen is downstairs, on the ground floor.'

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See: ground floor , mop the floor with , walk the floor

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