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flout /flaʊt/ verb [transitive]

اهانت کردن ، بی احترامی کردن (با) at ، دست انداختن ، استهزاء کردن ، اهانت یا بی احترامی کردن ، مسخره ، توهین ، قانون ـ فقه: بی احترامی کردن
Synonyms: defy, laugh in the face of, mock, scoff at, scorn, sneer at, spurn
Antonyms: revere
Contrasted words: admire, esteem, regard, respect
Related Idioms: thumb one's nose at
Related Words: disregard, slight, repudiate, spurn, insult, defy
English Thesaurus: disobey, break a law/rule, defy, flout, violate, ...

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flout /flaʊt/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Probably from flout 'to play the flute' (14-16 centuries)]
to deliberately disobey a law, rule etc, without trying to hide what you are doing:
Some companies flout the rules and employ children as young as seven.
deliberately/openly flout something
The union had openly flouted the law.

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ADV. deliberately, openly The protesters have openly flouted the law.

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