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fluff /flʌf/ noun [uncountable]

کرک ، خواب پارچه ، موهای نرم وکوتاه اطراف لب وگونه ، کرکدار شدن ، نرم کردن ، اشتباه کردن ، خبط کردن ، پف ، بادکردگی
- fuzz, down, nap, pile
- spoil, bungle, make a mess off, mess up (informal), muddle

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I. fluff1 /flʌf/ noun [uncountable]
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: Probably from flue 'fluff' (16-19 centuries), from Flemish vluwe]

1. soft light bits of thread that have come from wool, cotton, or other materials:
He was picking bits of fluff off his trousers.
a ball of carpet fluff

2. soft light hair or feathers, especially on a young bird or animal:
The chicks were just balls of yellow fluff.

3. news, music, writing, work etc that is not serious or important:
a magazine full of pop and fashion fluff

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II. fluff2 verb [transitive]

1. informal to make a mistake or do something badly Synonym : mess something ↔ up:
He fluffed his shot and missed the goal.
She fluffed her lines in the first scene.

2. (also fluff something ↔ up/out) to make something soft become larger by shaking it:
She fluffed up the pillows for me.

3. (also fluff something ↔ up/out) if a bird fluffs its feathers, it raises them and makes itself look bigger

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