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flurry /ˈflʌri $ ˈflɜːri/ noun (plural flurries)

سراسیمگی ، تپش ، بادناگهانی ، سراسیمه کردن ، اشفتن ، طوفان ناگهانی ، باریدن ناگهانی
- commotion, ado, bustle, disturbance, excitement, flutter, fuss, stir
- gust, squall
Related Words: confusion, excitement, turbulence, turmoil, haste, hurry, bewilder, distract, perplex, excite, galvanize, provoke, quicken, stimulate

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flurry /ˈflʌri $ ˈflɜːri/ noun (plural flurries)
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: Probably from flurr 'to scatter' (17-19 centuries) + hurry]

1. [singular] a time when there is suddenly a lot of activity and people are very busy
flurry of
After a quiet spell there was a sudden flurry of phone calls.
The day started with a flurry of activity.

2. [countable] a small amount of snow or rain that is blown by the wind
flurry of
He opens the door and a flurry of snow blows in.
Snow flurries are expected overnight.

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I. small amount of rain/snow
ADJ. snow
PHRASES a flurry of rain/snow

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II. short sudden burst of sth
ADJ. brief, sudden There was a sudden flurry of interest in the book.
PREP. ~ of
PHRASES a flurry of activity/excitement

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