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flying /ˈflaɪ-ɪŋ/ adjective

پرواز کننده ، پردار ، سریع السیر ، بال وپر زن ، بسرعت گذرنده ، مسافرت هوایی
Synonyms: hurried, brief, fleeting, hasty, rushed, short-lived, transitory

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I. flying1 /ˈflaɪ-ɪŋ/ adjective

1. [only before noun] able to fly Synonym : winged:
a story about a flying horse

2. with flying colours if you pass a test with flying colours, you are very successful in it

3. a flying visit a quick visit because you do not have much time

4. a flying start a very good or successful start:
The appeal has got off to a flying start, with over £200,000 raised in the first week.

5. a flying jump/leap a long high jump made while you are running:
He took a flying leap and just managed to clear the stream.

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II. flying2 noun [uncountable]
the activity of travelling by plane:
Quite a lot of people are still nervous about flying.

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See: with flying colors

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