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follow something ↔ up phrasal verb (see also follow)

1. to find out more information about something and take action if necessary:
The police take people’s statements and then follow them up.

2. to do something in addition to what you have already done in order to make it more likely to succeed ⇒ follow-up
follow something ↔ up with
If there is no response to your press release, follow it up with a phone call.
This experiment was quickly followed up by others using different forms of the drug.

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I. ˈfollow-up1 adjective [only before noun]
done in order to find out more or do more about something ⇒ follow up:
a follow-up study on children and poverty

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II. follow-up2 noun

1. [uncountable and countable] something that is done to make sure that earlier actions have been successful or effective ⇒ follow up:
preventative treatment and follow-up several weeks later

2. [countable] a book, film, article etc that comes after another one that has the same subject or characters:
Spielberg says he’s planning to do a follow-up next year.
follow-up to
a follow-up to their hit album

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follow up
ADJ. long-term | immediate | six-month, two-year, etc. | regular VERB + FOLLOW-UP plan | write She is writing a follow-up to her best-selling novel. FOLLOW-UP + NOUN period | action, work After the report, advisers are expected to carry out follow-up work.
discussion, interview, meeting, session | visit You will receive a follow-up visit from the person conducting the assessment.
operation a follow-up operation to consolidate military successes
treatment They were attending hospital for follow-up treatment.
report, study, survey a long-term follow-up study of all children born in Great Britain in one week
PREP. ~ to We are planning a follow-up to today's event.

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follow up
follow up (on (something))
to act on something.
Some students said they were going to collect clothing, but they didn't follow up.

You have to follow up on your application.

to discover more about something.
I'd like to follow up on Rita's question because I'm not sure I understood your answer to her.

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follow up
to make (one action) more successful by doing something more
The doctor followed up his phone call in the morning with a visit in the afternoon.

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follow up something
to make (one action) more successful by doing something more
The doctor followed up his phone call in the morning with a visit in the afternoon.

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follow up(1)
v. phr., informal
1. To chase or follow closely and without giving up.
The Indians followed up the wounded buffalo until it fell dead.
2. Make (one action) more successful by doing something more.
After Mary sent a letter to apply for a job, she followed it up by going to talk to the personnel manager.
The doctor followed up Billy's operation with x-rays, and special exercises to make his foot stronger.
3a. To hunt for (more news about something that has already been in the newspapers, radio or TV news); find more about.
The day after news of the fire at Brown's store, the newspaper sent a reporter to follow up Mr. Brown's future plans.
3b. To print or broadcast (more news about some happening that has been in the news before).
The fire story was printed Monday, and Tuesday's paper followed it up by saying that Mr. Brown planned to build a bigger and better store at the same place.

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n. Additional work or research by means of which an earlier undertaking's chances of success are increased.
I hope you'll be willing to do a bit of follow-up.

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