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forbid /fəˈbɪd $ fər-/ verb (past tense forbade /-ˈbæd, -ˈbeɪd/, past participle forbidden /-ˈbɪdn/, present participle forbidding) [transitive]

Irregular Forms: (forbad)(forbade)(forbidden)

(vt.) قدغن کردن ، منع کردن ، بازداشتن ، اجازه ندادن(=accursed)
(adj) ملعون ، مطرود ، قانون ـ فقه: ممنوع کردن
Synonyms: prohibit, ban, disallow, exclude, outlaw, preclude, rule out, veto
Antonyms: permit, bid
Contrasted words: allow, let, suffer, authorize, license, approve, endorse, sanction, command, order, abide, bear, endure, tolerate
Related Words: debar, exclude, rule out, shut out, estop, obviate, preclude, prevent, forestall, proscribe, veto, check, curb, halt, restrain, stop, bar, block, hinder, impede, obstruct
English Thesaurus: bar, pub, public house, sb’s local, inn, ...

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forbid /fəˈbɪd $ fər-/ verb (past tense forbade /-ˈbæd, -ˈbeɪd/, past participle forbidden /-ˈbɪdn/, present participle forbidding) [transitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: forbeodan]

1. to tell someone that they are not allowed to do something, or that something is not allowed Antonym : permit
forbid somebody to do something
He was forbidden to leave the house, as a punishment.
forbid somebody from doing something
Women are forbidden from going out without a veil.
strictly/expressly/explicitly etc forbid
The law strictly forbids racial or sexual discrimination.

In everyday English, people usually say that someone is not allowed to do something rather than is forbidden to do something:
He was not allowed to leave the house.

2. God/Heaven forbid spoken used to emphasize that you hope that something will not happen:
‘Supposing I had an accident.’ ‘God forbid!’

3. formal to make it impossible for someone to do something Synonym : prevent:
Lack of space forbids listing the names of all those who contributed.

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ADV. strictly Smoking is strictly forbidden.
absolutely, totally, utterly You cannot do that. I absolutely forbid it.
expressly, specifically
PREP. from He was forbidden from leaving the country.

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DUBIOUS: The government should forbid cigarette advertising.
GOOD: The government should ban cigarette advertising.

Usage Note:
ban (or prohibit ) = forbid someone from doing something by making it illegal: 'The proposed treaty banning all nuclear testing has received widespread approval.' 'International Law prohibits the use of chemical weapons.'

BAD: There should be a law which forbids to have more than two children.
GOOD: There should be a law which forbids couples to have/from having more than two children.

Usage Note:
forbid + sb + to do/from doing sth : 'My parents have forbidden me to stay out after ten o'clock.' 'Her father ought to forbid her from seeing the boy again.'

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See: god forbid

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