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forever (also for ever) /fərˈevə $ -ər/ adverb

برای همیشه ، جاویدان ، پیوسته ، تا ابدالاباد
- evermore, always, for all time, for keeps, in perpetuity, till Doomsday, till the cows come home (informal)
- constantly, all the time, continually, endlessly, eternally, incessantly, interminably, perpetually, unremittingly
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forever S2 W3 (also for ever British English) /fərˈevə $ -ər/ adverb

1. for all future time:
I wanted that moment to last forever.
Many valuable works of art were lost forever.

2. especially spoken for a very long time:
Once built, stone walls last forever.
It took forever to clean up after the party.
The meeting seemed to go on forever and a day.

3. be forever doing something spoken to do something often, especially in a way that annoys people Synonym : be always doing something:
He’s forever making comments about my weight.

4. forever and ever a phrase meaning forever, used especially in stories

5. go on forever American English to be extremely long or large:
The road just went on forever.

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BAD: Nobody lives forever.
GOOD: Nobody lives for ever.

Usage Note:
forever = continually; all the time: 'He is forever asking me for more pocket money.'
for ever = for always: 'He promised that he would love me for ever and a day.'

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