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foul /faʊl/ adjective

فول مانند چنگ زدن هل دادن دویدن یا پریدن غیرمجاز لغزیدن و زدن بازیگر مقابل و مجازات این خطاها اخطار و اخراج موقت یا دیسکالیفه و اکسکلود است ، معیوب ، گیر کردن ، رسوب کردن ، پلید ، شنیع ، ملعون ، غلط ، نادرست ، خلاف ، طوفانی ، حیله ، جرزنی ، بازی بیقاعده ، ناپاک کردن ، لکه دار کردن ، گوریده کردن ، چرک شدن ، بهم خوردن ، گیرکردن ، نارو زدن (در بازی) ، بازرگانی: غلط ، ورزش: نقض مقررات ، نخ ماهیگیری اشفته ، علوم نظامی: گل و لای گرفتن
- dirty, fetid, filthy, malodorous, nauseating, putrid, repulsive, squalid, stinking, unclean
- obscene, abusive, blue, coarse, indecent, lewd, profane, scurrilous, vulgar
- offensive, abhorrent, despicable, detestable, disgraceful, scandalous, shameful, wicked
- unfair, crooked, dishonest, fraudulent, shady (informal), underhand, unscrupulous
- pollute, besmirch, contaminate, defile, dirty, stain, sully, taint
Antonyms: fair, undefiled
Related Words: fetid, malodorous, noisome, putrid, stinking, loathsome, offensive, repulsive, revolting, contaminate, defile, pollute, desecrate, profane
English Thesaurus: horrible, disgusting/revolting, nasty, nauseating, foul, ...

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I. foul1 /faʊl/ adjective
[Language: Old English; Origin: ful]

1. SMELL/TASTE a foul smell or taste is very unpleasant Synonym : disgusting:
He woke up with a foul taste in his mouth.
a pile of foul-smelling garbage
He put down his mug of foul-tasting coffee.

2. in a foul mood/temper British English in a very bad temper and likely to get angry:
The argument with his mother left Putt in a foul mood.

3. AIR/WATER very dirty:
Refugees in the camps are short of food and at risk from foul water.
extractor fans to remove foul air from the tunnel

4. foul language rude and offensive words:
She claimed she had been subjected to abuse and foul language.

5. WEATHER especially British English foul weather is stormy and windy, with a lot of rain or snow:
Always carry foul weather gear when you go out walking.
—foully adverb
—foulness noun [uncountable]
by fair means or foul at fair1(11), ⇒ fall foul of somebody/something at fall1(15)

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II. foul2 verb

a) [transitive] if a sports player fouls another player, they do something that is not allowed by the rules
b) [intransitive and transitive] to hit a ball outside the limit of the playing area in baseball

2. (also foul up) [transitive] formal to make something very dirty, especially with waste:
rivers and lakes fouled almost beyond recovery by pollutants
foul up phrasal verb informal

1. to do something wrong or spoil something by making mistakes ⇒ foul-up:
We can’t afford to foul up this time.
foul something ↔ up
Glen completely fouled up the seating arrangements.

2. foul something ↔ up to make something very dirty, especially with waste:
He lit a cigarette and started to foul up the air with stinging yellow smoke.

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III. foul3 noun [countable]

1. an action in a sport that is against the rules:
Wright was booked for a foul on the goalkeeper.

2. a hit in baseball which goes outside the limits of the playing area

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ADJ. blatant, clear, deliberate, nasty
VERB + FOUL commit He committed a second clear foul and was sent off.
PREP. ~ on He was sent off for a blatant foul on Giggs.

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