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foundation /faʊnˈdeɪʃən/ noun

فونداسیون ، فوندامنت ، شالوده اصل ، سازمان خیریه ، شالوده ، پایه ، پی ریزی ، اساس ، بنیاد ، تاسیس ، بنیان ، بنگاه ، موسسه خیریه ، علوم مهندسی: مبنا ، عمران: پی ساختمان ، معماری: پی ، قانون ـ فقه: بنیاد ، روانشناسی: بنیاد ، ورزش: انداختن تمام میله های بولینگ در دور نهم
مهندسی صنایع: نت: پایه و اساس کامپیوتر: ساختمان ، بنا

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- groundwork, base, basis, bedrock, bottom, footing, substructure, underpinning
- setting up, endowment, establishment, inauguration, institution, organization, settlement
English Thesaurus: basis, foundation, bedrock, cornerstone, make-up, ...

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foundation W2 AC /faʊnˈdeɪʃən/ noun

1. BUILDING [countable] the solid layer of cement, bricks, stones etc that is put under a building to support it:
It took the builders three weeks to lay the foundations.
The earthquake shook the foundations of the house.

2. BASIC IDEA [countable] a basic idea, principle, situation etc that something develops from
foundation of
All theories should be built on a foundation of factual knowledge.
solid/firm foundation
The course gives students a solid foundation in the basics of computing.

3. ORGANIZATION [countable] an organization that gives or collects money to be used for special purposes, especially for charity or for medical research:
the British Heart Foundation

4. ESTABLISHMENT [uncountable] the establishment of an organization, business, school etc Synonym : founding:
The school has served the community since its foundation in 1835.

5. be without foundation (also have no foundation) formal if a statement, idea etc is without foundation, there is no proof that it is true Synonym : be groundless:
Davis dismissed the allegations as being without foundation.

6. lay/provide the foundation(s) for something to provide the conditions that will make it possible for something to be successful:
Careful planning laid the foundations for the nation’s economic miracle.

7. SKIN [uncountable] a cream in the same colour as your skin that you put on before the rest of your make-up

8. shake/rock the foundations of something (also shake/rock something to its foundations) to completely change the way something is done or the way people think by having a completely new idea:
Darwin’s theory rocked the scientific establishment to its foundations.

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I. organization that provides money for sth
ADJ. charitable, private
VERB + FOUNDATION establish, set up a charitable foundation established in 1983
PREP. ~ for a private foundation for sport and the arts

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II. foundations: parts of a building below the ground
ADJ. deep | concrete
VERB + FOUNDATION dig, lay digging trenches and laying concrete foundations
shake, undermine The thunder seemed to shake the very foundations of the building. They had dug too deep and undermined the foundations of the house.
FOUNDATION + NOUN stone In 1853 Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of the new palace.

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III. basis for sth
ADJ. excellent, firm, good, secure, solid, sound, strong | insecure, shaky, weak | ideological, intellectual, philosophical, political, theoretical | economic
VERB + FOUNDATION build, lay, provide (sth with) This agreement laid a sound foundation for future cooperation between the two countries.
build on We now have a firm foundation to build on.
rest on The peace treaty rests on shaky foundations.
rock, shake, strike at, threaten, undermine an event which rocked the foundations of British politics
FOUNDATION + NOUN course, year The Fine Arts degree starts with a foundation year.
subjects All students have to do the foundation subjects of maths and English.
PREP. ~ for providing a solid foundation for this new democracy
PHRASES rock/shake sth to its foundations The scandal rocked the legal establishment to its foundations.

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IV. facts that show that sth is true
VERB + FOUNDATION have no malicious rumours which have no foundation
PREP. without ~ Rumours of his resignation are entirely without foundation.

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