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frightened /ˈfraɪtnd/ adjective

وحشت زده
Synonyms: afraid, alarmed, petrified, scared, scared stiff, startled, terrified, terrorized, terror-stricken
Antonyms: unfrightened
Related Idioms: in a fright
English Thesaurus: frightened, scared, afraid, alarmed, fearful, ...

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frightened S3 /ˈfraɪtnd/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: frightened, frightening, frightful; noun: fright, frighteners; adverb: frighteningly, frightfully; verb: frighten]
feeling afraid Synonym : scared:
Don’t be frightened. We’re not going to hurt you.
frightened of
I was frightened of being left by myself in the house.
Her father had an awful temper and she was always frightened of him.
frightened to do something
The boy was frightened to speak.
frightened that
She’s frightened that her ex-husband will find her.
To tell the truth, I was frightened to death (=very frightened).
a frightened horse
Do not confuse frightened, which describes a feeling, and frightening, which describes something that makes you feel frightened: a frightened child | a frightening experience

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VERBS be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, get I got quite frigntened when he lost his temper.
ADV. badly, desperately, extremely, genuinely, really, terribly, very | thoroughly | almost | a bit, a little, pretty, quite, rather | suddenly | physically I felt frightened, physically frightened.
PREP. about I was nervous and frightened about the future.
at Simon was badly frightened at the result of his action.
by Most of us are frightened by our emotions.
of I'm rather frightened of dogs.
PHRASES frightened out of your wits, frightened to death (both informal) She was frightened to death when she saw her small daughter on the edge of the cliff.

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BAD: When I heard the thunder I frightened for a moment.
GOOD: When I heard the thunder I was frightened for a moment.

Usage Note:
frighten (transitive) = make someone afraid: 'Take that silly mask off - you're frightening the baby.'
be frightened = be afraid: 'Don't be frightened. It's only thunder.'

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