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fruit /fruːt/ noun (plural fruit or fruits)

بر ، سود ، فایده ، فرزند ، میوه دادن ، ثمر
- produce, crop, harvest, product, yield
- result, advantage, benefit, consequence, effect, end result, outcome, profit, return, reward

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I. fruit1 S2 W3 /fruːt/ noun (plural fruit or fruits)
[Word Family: noun: fruit, fruition, fruiterer; adjective: fruitfulfruitless, fruity; verb: fruit; adverb: fruitfullyfruitlessly]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin fructus, from frui 'to enjoy, have the use of']

1. [uncountable and countable] something that grows on a plant, tree, or bush, can be eaten as a food, contains seeds or a stone, and is usually sweet:
Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit.
fruit and vegetables
a glass of fruit juice
a large garden with fruit treesdried fruit, soft fruit
Fruit is usually uncountable:
Fruit is inexpensive here. It is used as a countable noun mainly to refer to one or more types of fruit:
oranges and other citrus fruits

2. [uncountable and countable] technical the part of a plant, bush, or tree that contains the seeds

3. the fruit(s) of something the good results that you have from something, after you have worked very hard:
I’m looking forward to retirement and having time to enjoy the fruits of my labour (=the results of my hard work).

4. in fruit technical trees, plants etc that are in fruit are producing their fruit

5. the fruits of the earth literary all the natural things that the earth produces, such as fruit, vegetables, or minerals
bear fruit at bear1(9)

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II. fruit2 verb [intransitive] technical
[Word Family: noun: fruit, fruition, fruiterer; adjective: fruitfulfruitless, fruity; verb: fruit; adverb: fruitfullyfruitlessly]
if a tree or a plant fruits, it produces fruit

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I. part of a plant
ADJ. fresh | ripe, unripe | rotten | candied, crystallized, dried | canned, tinned | exotic, tropical | citrus citrus fruits such as limes and lemons
QUANT. piece Finish the meal with a piece of fresh fruit.
VERB + FRUIT eat, have | bear The crab apple bears a small, bitter fruit.
pick | core, peel, prepare
FRUIT + NOUN tree | juice, salad 2 the fruits good result/reward
VERB + FRUIT enjoy Their work left them enough time to enjoy the fruits of their success.
reap He was now reaping the fruits of all his hard work.
PHRASES the first fruits of sth the first fruits of the government's health campaign

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BAD: The shop sells fruits and vegetables.
GOOD: The shop sells fruit and vegetables.
BAD: I never buy tinned fruits.
GOOD: I never buy tinned fruit.

Usage Note:
Fruit (= fruit in general) is an uncountable noun: 'We eat lots of fruit in our family.' 'Would anyone care for a piece of fruit?' (= an orange, apple, pear etc)
Fruits (= particular types of fruit) is rarely used in British English.

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