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frustrate /frʌˈstreɪt $ ˈfrʌstreɪt/ verb [transitive]

بدل کاری (کشتی) ، خنثی کردن ، هیچ کردن ، باطل کردن ، ناامید کردن ، فکر کسی را خراب کردن ، فاسدشدن ، ورزش: بدل کاری
Synonyms: thwart, balk, block, check, counter, defeat, disappoint, foil, forestall, nullify, stymie
Antonyms: fulfill
Contrasted words: accomplish, achieve, bring about, effect, perform, advance, forward, further, promote, abet, incite, instigate
Related Idioms: cut the ground from under one, dash one's hope, defeat expectation, throw a monkey wrench into the works, upset one's applecart
Related Words: annul, cancel, counteract, negative, neutralize, nullify, anticipate, forestall, conquer, defeat, lick, overcome, forbid, inhibit, prohibit, obviate, preclude, prevent, bar, block, hinder, impede, obstruct, arrest, check, halt

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frustrate /frʌˈstreɪt $ ˈfrʌstreɪt/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: frustrare, from frustra 'without effect']

1. if something frustrates you, it makes you feel annoyed or angry because you are unable to do what you want:
The fact that he’s working with amateurs really frustrates him.

2. [usually passive] to prevent someone’s plans, efforts, or attempts from succeeding Synonym : foil:
Their attempts to speak to him were frustrated by the guards.

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