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full /fʊl/ adjective

تماس کامل قسمت مخصوص ضربه زدن چوب گلف با گوی، انباشته، مملو، تمام، لبریز، کامل (مثل ماه)، بالغ، رسیده، پری، سیری، پرکردن، پرشدن، (در بازی پوکر) فول، اکنده، قانون فقه: ابوینی، ورزش: چرخش با پشتک کامل، علوم نظامی: تکمیل، علوم دریایی: تمام قدرت
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کامپیوتر: کامل

[TahlilGaran] Persian Dictionary

- saturated, brimming, complete, filled, loaded, replete, satiated, stocked
- plentiful, abundant, adequate, ample, comprehensive, exhaustive, extensive, generous
- rich, clear, deep, distinct, loud, resonant, rounded
- plump, buxom, curvaceous, rounded, voluptuous
- loose, baggy, capacious, large, puffy, voluminous
- in full: completely, in its entirety, in total, without exception
Antonyms: empty, incomplete
Contrasted words: blank, vacant, void, bare, barren, denuded, dismantled, divested, stripped
Related Idioms: full to bursting (or overflowing), ready to burst
Related Words: abounding, teeming
English Thesaurus: full, filled with something, stuffed full of something, packed, bursting (with something), ...

[TahlilGaran] English Synonym Dictionary

I. full1 S1 W1 /fʊl/ adjective
[Language: Old English]

1. NO SPACE containing as much or as many things or people as possible, so there is no space left ⇒ empty:
The train was completely full.
Don’t talk with your mouth full.
The class is full, but you can register for next term.
full of
The kitchen was full of smoke.
be crammed/stuffed/packed etc full of something
Ted’s workshop was crammed full of old engines.
half-full/three-quarters full etc
McQuaid filled his glass until it was three-quarters full.
The bath was full to the brim (=completely full) with hot water.
full (up) to bursting British English informal (=completely full)
The filing cabinet was full to bursting.

In everyday English, people often say that a place is packed when it is full of people:
The trains are always packed in the rush hour.

2. INCLUDING EVERYTHING [only before noun] complete and including all parts or details:
Please write your full name and address on the form.
The Health Centre offers a full range of services.
Lotus will not reveal full details until the Motor Show.
The BBC promised a full investigation.
I don’t think he’s telling us the full story (=everything he knows about the matter).

3. HIGHEST AMOUNT/LEVEL [only before noun] the greatest amount or highest level of something that is possible Synonym : maximum:
rising prosperity and full employment
The charity helps disabled children reach their full potential.
Few customers take full advantage of off-peak fares.
Parker was driving at full speed when he hit the wall.
in full leaf/bloom
The roses were now in full bloom.

4. HAVING A LOT OF SOMETHING be full of something
a) to contain many things of the same kind:
a garden full of flowers
His essay was full of mistakes.
The music papers were full of gossip about the band.
Life’s full of surprises, isn’t it?
b) to feel, express, or show a lot of a particular emotion or quality
full of excitement/energy/hope etc
Lucy was a happy child, always full of life.
He was full of praise for the work of the unit.
c) to talk or think a lot about a particular thing:
She was full of plans for the wedding.

5. FOOD (also full up British English) [not before noun] having eaten so much food that you cannot eat any more:
No more, thanks. I’m full.

6. EMPHASIS [only before noun] used to emphasize an amount, quantity, or rate
three/six etc full days/years/pages etc
We devote five full days a month to training.
His pants rose a full three inches off his shoes.

7. BUSY busy and involving lots of different activities:
Before her illness, Rose enjoyed a full life.
Go to bed. You’ve a full day tomorrow.

8. RANK having or giving all the rights, duties etc that belong to a particular rank or position
full professor/member/colonel etc
Only full members have the right to vote.
a full driving licence

9. be full of yourself to have a high opinion of yourself – used to show disapproval:
My first impression was that he was a bit full of himself.

10. be full of crap/shit/it not polite a rude expression used to say that someone often says things that are wrong or stupid:
Don’t listen to Jerry. He’s full of it.

11. CLOTHES made using a lot of material and fitting loosely:
a dress with a full skirt

12. BODY large and rounded in an attractive way
full figure/face/breasts etc
clothes for the fuller figure

13. TASTE having a strong satisfying taste:
Now you can enjoy Nescafé's fuller flavour in a decaffeinated form.full-bodied

14. SOUND pleasantly loud and deep:
the rich full sound of the cello

15. full price not a reduced price:
If you’re over 14, you have to pay full price.

16. in full view of somebody so that all the people in a place can see, especially when this is embarrassing or shocking:
The argument happened on stage in full view of the audience.

17. be in full swing if an event or process is in full swing, it has reached its highest level of activity:
By 8.30, the party was in full swing.

18. full speed/steam ahead doing something with as much energy and effort as possible:
With last season’s misery behind them, it’s full steam ahead for the Bears.

19. be full of beans to be excited and have lots of energy

20. (at) full blast informal as strongly, loudly, or quickly as possible:
The heater was on full blast but I was still cold.
a car stereo playing Wagner at full blast

21. (at) full tilt/pelt moving as fast as possible:
She ran full tilt into his arms.

22. be in full cry if a group of people are in full cry, they are criticizing someone very strongly:
Anyone who’s seen the world’s press in full cry can understand how Diana felt.

23. to the full (also to the fullest American English) in the best or most complete way:
Ed believes in living life to the full.

24. come/go/turn full circle to be in the same situation in which you began, even though there have been changes during the time in between:
Fashion has come full circle and denim is back.
fully, ⇒ have your hands full at hand1(29), ⇒ draw yourself up to your full height at draw up(4)

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

II. full2 noun
in full including the whole of something:
The debt must be paid in full.
His statement on the handling of prisoners is worth quoting in full.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

III. full3 adverb
full on/in
She looked him full in the face as she spoke.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. holding/containing as much as it will hold
VERBS be, look, seem | become, get The garage has got full of junk again.
leave sth He left the bath full of water.
ADV. absolutely, completely The kitchen was absolutely full of flies!
almost, nearly, virtually The reservoirs are all virtually full.
PREP. of The bottle was half full of mineral water.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

II. containing a lot of sth
VERBS be, look, seem
ADV. extremely, very | fairly, pretty, quite Her wine glass was still quite full.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

III. having had enough to eat or drink
VERBS be, feel
ADV. absolutely | rather
PHRASES full up I'm full up. I can't eat another thing.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

See: have one's hands full , in full swing , to the full

[TahlilGaran] English Idioms Dictionary

allow full play as full as a boot as full as a tick at full length at full lick at full pelt at full speed at full steam at full stretch at full throttle at full tilt at the full landed cost price at/on full throttle blow full brim full bring full circle brother of full blood call by their first/full name chock full come full circle come into full play come to a full stop come/go full circle come/go/turn full circle crammed with/crammed full of endorsement in full english/a full breakfast exchange of full powers filled/full to the brim full ablutions full adder full age full amount full and down full and final settlement full annealing full automatic full automatic lathe full back full beam full beam spread full binary tree full blast full blood full blooded full blown full blown aids full board full bodied full bodied gold coin full bodied money full bodied wine full bore full bottomed full breasted full brimmed full brother full cabinet full charge full color full colour full command full compensation full confession full consultation full container load full court press full coverage full cream full description full draw full dress full drive full duplex full duplex channel full edged full effect full employment full employment equilibrium full employment output full employment rate of growth full face full fashioned full fat full feed full flavoured full fledged full foliaged full frame full frontal full fusion welding full gainer full grown full guarantee full hand full hearted full house full implications full justification full length full length mirror/photograph/portrait full length play/book/film full length skirt/dress/coat full liability full licence full lips full load full lock full magnetic controller full majority full marks full meal full measure of full member full membership full mobilization full monty full monty, the full moon full mouth full mouthed full name full of admiration/be filled with admiration full of beans full of crap/shit/it full of emotion full of energy/be bursting with energy full of energy/bursting with energy full of enthusiasm full of holes full of hot air full of ideas full of it full of life full of mischief full of oneself full of optimism full of piss and vinegar full of praise for full of resource full of shit full of the devil full of the joys of spring full of years full of yourself full offence full on full orbed full outer natural join full outer theta join full page full page display full pay full pelt full pitch full plate full point full power full powers full price full production full quid full rubber full sail full scale full scale attack full scale riot full screen full screen editing full screen terminal full section full service round full size full speed full speed ahead full speed/steam ahead full spinner full steam ahead full step full stop full story full subtractor full summer full term full text retrieval software full text searching full tilt full tilt/pelt full time full time education full time employment full time job full time job/activity full timer full to bursting full to repletion full toss full track full tracked full view full wave full wave rectifier full well full word full/complete/undivided attention full/comprehensive instructions full/entire/whole panoply of full/medium/light bodied full/packed/empty house full/packed/stuffed to the gills full/top marks full/top marks for effort/trying/persistence full/whole week give careful/full consideration give free/full rein to give full play go the full distance half/full price have hands full have one's hands full with have your hands full in full in full cry in full fig in full flow in full force in full measure in full possession of all your faculties in full regalia in full retreat in full spate in full swing in full view of in full/glorious technicolour know full well know full/perfectly well know perfectly well/full well/only too well life full live life to the full magnetic full voltage starter not be the full quid not playing with a full deck on full alert on full beam one card short of a full deck packed with/full of part timer/full timer party is in full swing payment in full place is full of memories play with a full deck put on full alert see the glass as half full see the glass half full several cards short of a full deck short measure full measure somebody sees the glass as half empty/half full stuffed full of the full thin lipped/thick lipped/full lipped to the full wheel has come full circle wheel has turned full circle with full military honours with your mouth full

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