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fully /ˈfʊli/ adverb

کاملا ، تماما ، سیر
Synonyms: totally, altogether, completely, entirely, in all respects, one hundred per cent, perfectly, thoroughly, utterly, wholly
English Thesaurus: completely, totally/absolutely, entirely, utterly, fully, ...

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fully S2 W2 /ˈfʊli/ adverb
The restaurant is fully booked this evening.
Elisa has not fully recovered from the incident.
I am fully aware of your problems.
The changes in policy are fully described in the review.
I fully accept that what he says is true.
This concept is discussed more fully in Chapter 9.

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BAD: The editor said that my letter was too long to be fully published.
GOOD: The editor said that my letter was too long to be published in full.

Usage Note:
fully = completely: 'a fully equipped kitchen', 'a fully furnished apartment', 'The next three flights to Chicago are fully booked.'
in full = without any part missing or removed: 'Your $100 deposit will be refunded in full.'

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