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fund /fʌnd/ noun

قرضه دولتی سهام ، دارائی ، اعتبار مالی ، موجودی ، تنخواه ، ذخیره وجوه احتیاطی ، صندوق ، سرمایه ثابت یا همیشگی ، پشتوانه ، تهیه وجه کردن ، سرمایه گذاری کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: صندوق ، بازرگانی: ذخیره ، سرمایه ، دارائی ، علوم نظامی: سرمایه
مهندسی صنایع: سرمایه ، وجوه سرمایه ، سرمایه گذاری کردن مهندسی صنایع: مالی: سرمایه

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- reserve, kitty, pool, stock, store, supply
- finance, pay for, subsidize, support

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I. fund1 S3 W1 AC /fʌnd/ noun
[Word Family: noun: fund, refund, funding; verb: fund, refund; adjective: funded]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Latin; Origin: fundus 'bottom, piece of land']

1. [countable] an amount of money that is collected and kept for a particular purpose:
The fund was set up to try to save the cathedral.
pension/investment/memorial etc fundfunding, trust fund

2. funds [plural] money that an organization needs or has:
A sale is being held to raise funds for the school.
government/public funds
claims that ministers had misused public funds
The park remains unfinished due to lack of funds.
The Museum is so short of funds (=has so little money) it may have to sell the painting.

3. [singular] an organization that collects money, for example to help people who are ill, old etc ⇒ charity:
We give to the Children’s Fund every Christmas.

4. a fund of something a large supply of something:
He had a fund of stories about his boyhood.

5. in funds formal having enough money to do something

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II. fund2 S3 W3 AC verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: fund, refund, funding; verb: fund, refund; adjective: funded]
to provide money for an activity, organization, event etc:
The project is jointly funded by several local companies.
government-funded research

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I. sum of money collected for a particular purpose
ADJ. large | appeal, charitable, charity The newspaper launched an appeal fund for victims of the disaster.
benevolent, campaign, investment, memorial, pension, prize, social, trust a benevolent fund for retired actors
VERB + FUND create, establish, launch, set up, start They set up an investment fund to provide money for their retirement.
administer, manage | draw on They don't want to draw on the fund unless they have to.
PREP. in a/the ~ There is currently over £200,000 in the fund.
into a/the ~ The money received is paid directly into a pension fund.
FUND + NOUN holder, manager 2 funds money that is available and can be spent
ADJ. sufficient | insufficient | limited There are only limited funds available.
unlimited | surplus | available | government, private, public
VERB + FUND have We have insufficient funds to pay for the building work.
be out of, be short of We are short of funds at the moment, so we are not going on holiday.
appeal for The school is appealing for funds to invest in new equipment.
borrow, boost, build up, collect, generate, get, obtain, raise, receive, secure | allocate, lend, make available, provide, release Funds will be made available to ensure the provision of hospital services.
channel, direct, use The government is to channel more funds into local development schemes.
FUND + NOUN raiser (also fund-raiser), raising (also fund-raising)
PREP. ~ for a charity event to raise funds for local schools
~ from Funds from the event will support the work of the hospice.
PHRASES access to funds The current account offers savers instant access to funds.
a flow of funds the flow of funds between various economic sectors
a lack/shortage of funds The project was hampered by lack of funds.
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ADV. largely, mainly | entirely The venture is funded entirely by its board of directors.
partially, partly | generously, properly, well | fully a new, fully funded training scheme
adequately | inadequately, poorly | centrally, directly The school opted out of local authority control and is funded directly by the government.
publicly | externally, independently, privately | jointly a scheme jointly funded by central and local government
VERB + FUND be used to, help (to) This money will help to fund administration costs.
agree to | refuse to

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set up/establish a fund
They have set up a fund to build a memorial to all those who died.
manage/administer a fund
The fund is managed by an investment company.
launch a fund (=start it)
They plan to launch an investment fund by raising $40m from investors.
a trust fund (=money that belongs to one person, but is controlled by another)
Proceeds from the sale of the house will go into a trust fund for the children.
a pension fund (=for paying pensions)
the country’s largest private pension fund
an investment fund (=for buying shares, property, etc in order to make a profit)
The building is currently owned by Argo Partnership, a Toronto-based investment fund.
a campaign fund (=for helping a political party or person to get elected)
These social events help to raise campaign funds.
a memorial fund (=for remembering the life of someone who has died)
The work is being paid for out of the memorial fund launched after Morris’s death.
a benevolent/charitable fund (=for giving help to poor people)
He contributed the sum of £1,500 to the benevolent fund.
an appeal fund (=money collected to help people who are in a very bad situation)
The appeal fund has now reached £65,000.

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