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funny /ˈfʌni/ adjective (comparative funnier, superlative funniest)

مضحک ، خنده دار ، خنده اور ، عجیب ، بامزه
- humorous, amusing, comic, comical, droll, entertaining, hilarious, riotous, side-splitting, witty
- peculiar, curious, mysterious, odd, queer, strange, suspicious, unusual, weird
Antonyms: unfunny
Contrasted words: doleful, dolorous, lugubrious, melancholy, plaintive
Related Idioms: too funny for words
Related Words: antic, bizarre, fantastic, grotesque
English Thesaurus: funny, amusing, humorous, witty, hilarious, ...

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funny S1 W3 /ˈfʌni/ adjective (comparative funnier, superlative funniest)
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: fun]

1. AMUSING making you laugh
funny story/joke/film etc
Do you remember any funny stories about work?
hilariously/hysterically/wickedly funny
a wickedly funny scene from the film
the funniest man in Britain
If this is your idea of a joke, I don’t find it at all funny.
Luckily, when I explained the situation, he saw the funny side (=recognized that it was partly funny).
His laughter stopped her mid-sentence. ‘What’s so funny?’ she demanded.
It’s not funny (=don’t laugh), Paul; poor Teresa was nearly in tears.
Do not use funny to mean ‘enjoyable’. Use fun: The picnic was really fun.

2. STRANGE unusual, strange, or difficult to explain:
I had a funny feeling something was going to happen.
What’s that funny smell?
It’s funny how you remember the words of songs, even ones you don’t really like.
It’s funny (that)
It’s funny that the kids are so quiet.
That’s funny. I was sure I had $5 in my purse, but it’s not there now.
People tell me I ran the greatest race of my life, but the funny thing is I can’t remember much about it.
It’s a funny old world (=strange or unusual things happen in life).

3. DISHONEST appearing to be illegal, dishonest, or wrong:
There’s something funny going on here.
Remember, Marvin, no funny business while we’re out.

4. a funny look if you give someone a funny look, you look at them in a way that shows you think they are behaving strangely:
I hunkered down, ignoring the funny looks from passers-by.

5. ILL feeling slightly ill:
I always feel funny after a long car ride.

6. CRAZY British English informal slightly crazy:
After his wife died he went a bit funny.

7. go funny informal if a machine, piece of equipment etc goes funny, it stops working properly:
I just turned it on and the screen went all funny.

8. very funny! spoken used when someone is laughing at you or playing a trick and you do not think it is amusing:
Very funny! Who’s hidden my car keys?

9. I’m not being funny (but) British English spoken used when you are serious or do not want to offend someone:
I’m not being funny, but we haven’t got much time.

10. funny little something used to describe something you like because it is small, unusual, or interesting:
The town centre is crammed with funny little shops.
his funny little grin

11. funny peculiar or funny ha-ha? British English, funny weird/strange or funny ha-ha? American English used when someone has described something as funny and you want to know whether they mean it is strange or amusing:
‘Tim’s a funny guy.’ ‘Funny weird or funny ha-ha?’

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I. making you laugh
VERBS be, look, seem | become, get The movie gets funnier towards the end.
find sth
ADV. achingly, bloody (taboo), brilliantly, dead, extraordinarily, extremely, genuinely, hilariously, hysterically, really, riotously, terribly, uproariously, very, wickedly, wildly, wonderfully At last, a genuinely funny comedy show! His performance was hilariously funny. You should have seen it?it was terribly funny!
almost | pretty, quite | unintentionally

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II. strange
VERBS be, feel, look, seem, smell, sound, strike sb as, taste Didn't it strike you as funny that Adam wasn't there? This wine tastes funny.
find sth Don't you find it a bit funny that she never mentions her husband?
ADV. extremely, really, very | a bit, a little, pretty, rather Helen gave me a rather funny look.
PHRASES funny little He's a funny little man.
funny old It's a funny old world, isn't it?

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BAD: It will be more funny to go by bus.
GOOD: It will be more fun to go by bus.
BAD: We've organized lots of funny activities, including a picnic and a trip to the zoo.
GOOD: We've organized lots of fun activities, including a picnic and a trip to the zoo.

Usage Note:
Someone or something that is funny makes you laugh: 'I always laugh at Jenny's jokes - they're really funny.' 'The funniest part was when her father-in-law sat on the wedding cake.'
Someone or something that is fun gives you pleasure or enjoyment: 'The Disneyland trip sounds like a lot of fun.'

BAD: The carnival is held once a year and everyone has a funny time.
GOOD: The carnival is held once a year and everyone has a good time.

Usage Note:
have a good time = enjoy yourself: 'Everyone was dancing and having a good time.'

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