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fur /fɜː $ fɜːr/ noun

جامه خزدار ، پوستین ، خزدار کردن ، خز دوختن به ، باردار شدن (زبان)
Synonyms: hide, fell, jacket, pelt, skin, down, floss, flue, fluff, fuzz, lint, pile

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I. fur1 /fɜː $ fɜːr/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: fur 'to cover the inside of with fur' (14-19 centuries), from Old French forrer, from forre 'inside covering']

1. [uncountable] the thick soft hair that covers the bodies of some animals, such as cats, dogs, and rabbits ⇒ furry(1)

[uncountable and countable] the skin of a dead animal with the fur still attached:
a fur coat
a fur-lined jacket
a ban on fur farming (=keeping and killing animals for their fur)

3. [countable] a coat or piece of clothing made of fur:
Lady Yolanda was swathed in elegant furs.

4. [uncountable] a material that looks and feels like fur
imitation/fake/artificial etc fur
a pair of gloves trimmed with fake fur

5. [uncountable] a harmful or unpleasant substance that sometimes forms on surfaces that are always wet, such as water pipes Synonym : scale

6. the fur flies used to say that an angry argument or fight starts:
If you’re both feeling frustrated, the fur may fly.

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II. fur2 (also fur up British English) verb (past tense and past participle furred, present participle furring) [intransitive]
to become covered with an unwanted substance
—furred adjective:
Symptoms include dry lips and a furred tongue.

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ADJ. thick | soft | real | artificial, fake, imitation, synthetic | matted The cat's fur was matted with blood.
fox, rabbit, etc.
VERB + FUR be wrapped in, wear She was wearing her fur (= for example, a fur coat).
be lined with, be trimmed with a cloak lined with fur
FUR + NOUN trade | farm
PREP. in a/sb's ~ (= wearing a fur coat, etc.) elegant women in furs
of ~ a collar of fur

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See: make the fur fly

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