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fussy /ˈfʌsi/ (comparative fussier, superlative fussiest) adjective

داد وبیداد کن (برای چیزهای جزئی) ، ایراد گیر
- hard to please, choosy (informal), difficult, fastidious, finicky, nit-picking (informal), particular, pernickety, picky (informal)
- overelaborate, busy, cluttered, overworked, rococo
Related Words: fretful, irritable, querulous

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fussy /ˈfʌsi/ (comparative fussier, superlative fussiest) adjective

1. very concerned about small, usually unimportant details, and difficult to please
fussy about
Sue was fussy about her looks.
A lot of small children are fussy eaters (=they dislike many types of food).
‘Do you want to go out or just rent a movie?’ ‘I’m not fussy’ (=I don’t mind).

2. fussy clothes, objects, buildings etc are very detailed and decorated – used to show disapproval Antonym : plain, simple:
The furniture looked comfortable, nothing fussy or too elaborate.

3. with small, exact, and careful actions, sometimes showing nervousness:
She patted her hair with small fussy movements.
—fussily adverb
—fussiness noun [uncountable]

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