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gain /ɡeɪn/ verb
gain noun

تحصیل منفعت کردن، منفعت، نفع، بهره، تقویت، حصول، صرفه، استفاده، افزایش، بدست اوردن، سود بردن، فایده بردن، پیدا کردن، کسب کردن، باز یافتن، نائل شدن، پیشرفتن، بهبودی یافتن، رسیدن، زیاد شدن، علوم مهندسی: بهره برداری، کامپیوتر: تقویت، الکترونیک: بهره، قانون فقه: بدست اوردن، روانشناسی: افزوده، بازرگانی: نفع، ورزش: جلوبردن توپ، علوم هوایی: بهره
ارسال ایمیل
مهندسی صنایع: مالی: سودالکترونیک: تقویت، کامپیوتر: تقویت، بهره برداری، علوم مهندسی: سود، منفعت، حصول، تحصیل منفعت کردن، بدست اوردن، حقوق: جلوبردن توپ، ورزشی: بهره، هواپیمایی: بدست اوردن، سود بردن، بهره، افزوده، روانشناسی: بهره، الکترونیک: سود، نفع، اقتصاد: سود، منفعت، نفع، بهره، تقویت، حصول، صرفه، استفاده، افزایش، بدست اوردن، سود بردن، فایده بردن، پیدا کردن، کسب کردن، باز یافتن، نایل شدن، پیشرفتن، بهبودی یافتن، رسیدن، زیاد شدنتقویت، کامپیوتر: تقویت، بهره برداری، علوم مهندسی: سود، منفعت، حصول، تحصیل منفعت کردن، بدست اوردن، حقوق: جلوبردن توپ، ورزشی: بهره، هواپیمایی: بدست اوردن، سود بردن، بهره، افزوده، روانشناسی: بهره، الکترونیک: سود، نفع، اقتصاد: سود، منفعت، نفع، بهره، تقویت، حصول، صرفه، استفاده، افزایش، بدست اوردن، سود بردن، فایده بردن، پیدا کردن، کسب کردن، باز یافتن، نایل شدن، پیشرفتن، بهبودی یافتن، رسیدن، زیاد شدنکامپیوتر: تقویت

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- obtain, acquire, attain, capture, collect, gather, get, land, pick up, secure, win
- reach, arrive at, attain, come to, get to
- gain on: get nearer, approach, catch up with, close, narrow the gap, overtake
- profit, advantage, benefit, dividend, return, yield
- increase, advance, growth, improvement, progress, rise
Antonyms: loss, lose
Contrasted words: falter, flop, flounder, flunk, lose
Related Words: cut, rake-off, share, take, winnings, ice, complete, consummate, fulfill, perfect, produce, succeed, invigorate, renew, strengthen, cure, heal, remedy
English Thesaurus: get, obtain, acquire, inherit, gain, ...

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I. gain1 S3 W2 /ɡeɪn/ verb
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: gagner, from Old French gaaignier 'to prepare the ground for growing crops, earn, gain']

1. GET SOMETHING [transitive] to obtain or achieve something you want or need
gain control/power
Radical left-wing parties gained control of local authorities.
After gaining independence in 1957, it was renamed ‘Ghana’.
gain a degree/qualification etc
He gained a doctorate in Chemical Engineering.

In everyday English, people usually say get rather than gain:
She got a degree in English.

2. GET GRADUALLY [intransitive and transitive] to gradually get more and more of a quality, feeling etc, especially a useful or valuable one:
She has gained a reputation as a good communicator.
Many of his ideas have gained popular support.
an opportunity to gain experience in a work environment
The youngsters gradually gain confidence in their abilities.
gain in
The sport has gained in popularity in recent years.

3. ADVANTAGE [intransitive and transitive] to get an advantage from a situation, opportunity, or event
gain (something) from (doing) something
There is much to be gained from seeking expert advice early.
an attempt to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals
Who really stands to gain (=is likely to get an advantage) from these tax cuts?
There’s nothing to be gained (=it will not help you) by losing your temper.

4. INCREASE [transitive] to increase in weight, speed, height, or value:
Carrie’s gained a lot of weight recently.
The dollar has gained 8% against the yen.

5. gain access/entry/admittance etc (to something) to manage to enter a place, building, or organization:
New ramps will help the disabled gain better access.
methods used by burglars to gain entry to houses

6. gain an understanding/insight/impression etc to learn or find out about something
gain an understanding/insight/impression etc of
We are hoping to gain a better understanding of the underlying process.
This enabled me to gain an overall impression of the school.

7. gain ground to make steady progress and become more popular, more successful etc:
The anti-smoking lobby has steadily gained ground in the last decade.

8. gain time to deliberately do something to give yourself more time to think Antonym : lose time

9. CLOCK [intransitive and transitive] if a clock or watch gains, or if it gains time, it goes too fast Antonym : lose

10. ARRIVE [transitive] literary to reach a place after a lot of effort or difficulty:
The swimmer finally gained the river bank.
nothing ventured, nothing gained at venture2(3)

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II. gain2 W3 noun

1. ADVANTAGE [countable] an advantage or improvement, especially one achieved by planning or effort:
The party made considerable gains at local elections.
gain in
substantial gains in efficiency
gain from
the potential gains from improved marketing
gain to/for
There are obvious gains for the student.

2. INCREASE [uncountable and countable] an increase in the amount or level of something Antonym : loss
gain in
a gain in weekly output
gain of
Retail sales showed a gain of 0.4%.
The Democratic Party needed a net gain of only 20 votes.
Eating too many fatty foods could cause weight gain.

3. PROFIT [uncountable] financial profit, especially when this seems to be the only thing someone is interested in Antonym : loss
financial/economic/capital etc gain
They are seeking to realize the maximum financial gain.
gain of
a pre-tax gain of $20 million
for gain
Such research should not be for personal gains

4. ill-gotten gains money or advantages obtained dishonestly – used humorously

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ADJ. big, considerable, huge, major, real, significant, substantial This change in the tax system will mean big gains for some companies.
modest, small | long-term, short-term | potential | pre-tax | net, overall Labour made an overall gain of 39 seats.
ill-gotten She tucked her ill-gotten gains into her purse and left.
personal, private using the investments for their private gain
commercial, economic, financial, material There will be no financial gain for mothers from this new system.
electoral, political the far right made huge electoral gains
military, territorial | weight She was most upset by her recent weight gain.
efficiency, productivity There is still scope for efficiency gains (= gains to be made by being more efficient).
VERB + GAIN make | bring (sb) Better workplace design can bring real gains in productivity.
PREP. for ~ It's amazing what some people will do for gain.
~ from £3.9 million gains from the sale of stock
~ in Last year there was only a modest gain in earnings.

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ADV. certainly, undoubtedly Consumers have certainly gained from the increased competition in the telecommunications industry.
clearly | quickly, rapidly | gradually, slowly His ideas gradually gained acceptance.
steadily | eventually, finally, ultimately | successfully | automatically Husbands and wives of British nationals do not automatically gain citizenship.
VERB + GAIN stand to The company stands to gain (= is likely to gain) quite a lot from this government scheme.
expect to, hope to What do you hope to gain by this action?
attempt to, seek to, strive to, try to Protesters tried to gain access to the presidential palace.
fail to
PREP. by There is nothing to be gained by forcing people to comply.
from We all gained a lot from the experience.
PHRASES have everything/much/little/a lot/nothing to gain/be gained Why not give it a go? You've nothing to lose and everything to gain. I don't think there's anything to be gained from this course of action.

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gain control
The government of mainland China gained control of the island in 1683.
gain power
Many women wanted to gain power in a male-dominated world.
gain independence
Jamaica has had this flag since 1962, when it gained independence from Britain.
gain a reputation
He had gained a reputation as a crook.
gain notoriety (=become famous, especially for doing something bad)
He gained notoriety as the author of a controversial novel.
gain support
The proposal failed to gain support.
gain popularity
Governments gain popularity by cutting taxes.
gain acceptance
The theory has gradually gained acceptance among scientists.
gain credibility (=start to be believed or trusted, or start to be thought of as good)
Screen actors feel that they gain credibility when they perform on stage.
gain experience
In her first job, she gained experience as a programme manager.
gain knowledge
Knowledge gained from the research will be used directly to help patients.
gain confidence
The managers were gaining confidence in their ability to take calculated risks.
gain strength
He is beginning to gain strength again after his illness.
gain an understanding (=get knowledge based on learning and experience)
Drama is one of the key ways in which children can gain an understanding of themselves and of others.
gain an insight (into something) (=get a chance to understand more about something)
You can gain an insight into horses’ feelings by the physical signs they give out.
gain momentum (=keep increasing)
In the 1850s and 1860s, the British colonisation of India gained momentum.
quickly/rapidly gain something
Adam quickly gained the respect of the soldiers under his command.
steadily gain something
The king was steadily gaining more support.
gradually gain something
He is gradually gaining confidence in his own abilities.

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BAD: For two weeks' work, I gain about 700,000 yen.
GOOD: For two weeks' work, I earn about 700,000 yen.
BAD: Without a job it's impossible to gain any money.
GOOD: Without a job it's impossible to earn any money.

Usage Note:
earn or (especially in informal styles) get /make (a sum of) money by going to work, from investments, etc (NOT gain ): 'She earns $4,000 a month.'

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