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garage /ˈɡærɪdʒ, -ɑːʒ $ ɡəˈrɑːʒ/ noun

توقفگاه ، در گاراژگذاردن ، پهلو گرفتن در ترعه ، علوم مهندسی: گاراژ
I. garage1 S2 /ˈɡærɪdʒ, -ɑːʒ $ ɡəˈrɑːʒ/ noun
[Date: 1900-2000; Language: French; Origin: garer 'to shelter']

1. [countable] a building for keeping a car in, usually next to or attached to a house ⇒ carport:
I’ll just go and put the car in the garage.
a double/single/two-car/one-car garage
Their house had a double garage.
an automatic garage door

2. [countable] (also parking garage especially American English) a building in a public place where cars can be parked:
We parked in an underground garage near the hotel.

3. [countable] a place where motor vehicles are repaired:
My car’s at the garage.

4. [countable] British English a place where you buy petrol Synonym : petrol station, gas station American English

5. [uncountable] a type of popular music played on electronic instruments, with a strong fast beat and singing:
a collection of the latest dance and garage hits

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II. garage2 verb [transitive]
to put or keep a vehicle in a garage

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I. for keeping cars in
ADJ. double, single | detached, integral, lean-to, lock-up | underground | bus
PREP. in a/the ~ Don't forget to put the car in the garage.

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II. for repairing cars/buying petrol
ADJ. local
VERB + GARAGE own, run | take sth to I took the car to the local garage to get it fixed.
GARAGE + NOUN mechanic, owner
PREP. at a/the ~ The car's still at the garage.

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put the car in the garage
Dad's just putting the car in the garage.
get the car out of the garage
Wait here while I get the car out of the garage.
a double/two-car garage (=for two cars)
The house had a double garage.
a single/one-car garage (=for one car)
A single garage could boost the price of a house by 8%.
a detached garage (=not joined to a house)
The house benefits from a large detached garage.
an integral garage (=part of a house and not a separate building)
The house has huge gardens and an integral garage.
a lock-up garage British English (=that you rent to keep a car or goods in)
They kept the car in a lock-up garage round the corner.
the garage door
She locked the garage door.

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