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-gate /ɡeɪt/ suffix
gate /ɡeɪt/ noun

گیت ، دروازه شروع اسکی ، فرمان پرواز هواپیما با حداکثر سرعت در درگیری هوایی ، دریچه تنظیم اب در مخزن سد ، دروازه ، در بزرگ ، مدخل ، دریجه سد ، وسایل ورود ، ورودیه ، علوم مهندسی: راه تغذیه لشعلث ، کامپیوتر: مدخل ، عمران: دروازه ، معماری: دریچه ، ورزش: قسمت فنری قلاب کوهنوردی ، علوم هوایی: محل سوار شدن مسافرین هواپیما در فرودگاه ، علوم نظامی: فرمان استفاده از موشک و راکت در جنگ هوایی
الکترونیک: دریچه ، دروازه ، مدخل ، کامپیوتر: دروازه ، دریچه ، گیت ، راه تغذیه لشعلث ، علوم مهندسی: دروازه ، دروازه شروع اسکی ، قسمت فنری قلاب کوهنوردی ، ورزشی: محل سوار شدن مسافرین هواپیما در فرودگاه ، هواپیمایی: در بزرگ ، دروازه ، دریچه ، معماری: فرمان پرواز هواپیما با حداکثر سرعت در درگیری هوایی ، فرمان استفاده از موشک و راکت در جنگ هوایی ، علوم نظامی: دریچه تنظیم اب در مخزن سد ، دروازه ، عمران: دروازه ، در بزرگ ، مدخل ، دریجه سد، وسایل ورود، ورودیه کامپیوتر: نگهبانی ، مدخل زیست شناسی: دروازه

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Synonyms: barrier, door, entrance, exit, gateway, opening, passage, portal

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-gate /ɡeɪt/ suffix
used after the name of a place, person, or thing to give a name to an event involving dishonest behaviour by a politician or other public official:
Irangate (=when members of the US government sold weapons to Iran in exchange for the return of American hostages)

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I. gate1 S2 W2 /ɡeɪt/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: geat]

1. [countable] the part of a fence or outside wall that you can open and close so that you can enter or leave a place ⇒ door:
We went through the gate into the orchard.
the wrought-iron gates of the palace
open/close/shut a gate
I left the engine running and ran back to close the gate.
front/back/main gate
Make sure that the back gate is locked, please.
garden/farm/school gate
The children poured out of the school gates.

2. [countable] the place where you leave an airport building to get on a plane:
Air France flight 76 leaves from gate 6A.

a) [countable] British English the number of people who go in to see a sports event, especially a football match
b) [uncountable] British English (also gate money) the amount of money that these people pay

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II. gate2 verb [transitive]
British English to prevent a student from leaving a school as a punishment for behaving badly

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ADJ. entrance, front, main | back, postern (in a castle), side | inner, outer | double, five-bar/five-barred, portcullis a wide driveway with double gates
great The great gates of the abbey were shut fast.
heavy | high | narrow | ornamental | open | iron, metal, steel, wooden, wrought-iron | city, factory, farm, garden, park, prison, school, etc. | security | sluice
QUANT. set a set of ornamental gates
VERB + GATE open | bar, close, fasten, lock, shut Don't forget to shut the gate when you leave. The defenders had closed and barred all the city gates.
go through Go through the gate and continue down the track.
GATE + VERB open, swing open The heavy gate swung open.
close, shut The gate shut behind him.
PREP. through a/the ~ He led us through a gate into a little garden.

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open a gate
He heard Jack open the gate.
close/shut a gate
Please close the gate.
lock/padlock a gate (=close it with a key/a special lock)
She locked the gate behind her.
go through a gate
They went through the gate into the orchard.
leave the gate open
Someone left the gate open, and the dog got out.
the front/back gate (=the gate in front of or at the back of a building)
She stood outside the front gate of the cottage.
the entrance gate
Derek met us at the entrance gate.
the main gate (=where most people go in)
Soldiers were guarding the main gate.
a garden gate
Ellie ran down the path towards the garden gate.
a farm/factory/school etc gate
I carefully shut the farm gate behind me.
Lots of parents were waiting outside the school gate.
a wooden/iron/wrought-iron gate
Their way was barred by huge wrought-iron gates.

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See: get the bounce or get the gate , give the bounce or give the gate

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