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gentleman /ˈdʒentlmən/ noun (plural gentlemen /-mən/) [countable]

اقا ، شخص محترم ، ادم با تربیت ، اصیل
Synonyms: aristo, aristocrat, blue blood, patrician, man, bloke, boy, buck, chap, fellow, gee, gent, guy, he
Antonyms: boor
Contrasted words: churl, clown, lout
Related Words: Brahmin, chevalier, nob, swell
English Thesaurus: man, guy, gentleman, boy, lad, ...

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gentleman S2 W2 /ˈdʒentlmən/ noun (plural gentlemen /-mən/) [countable]

1. a polite word for a man, used especially when talking to or about a man you do not know ⇒ lady:
Could you serve this gentleman please, Miss Bath?
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
An elderly gentleman was asleep next to the fire.

2. a man who is always polite, has good manners, and treats other people well ⇒ lady:
Martin – always the perfect gentleman – got to his feet when my mother walked in.
Mr Field was a real gentleman.

3. old-fashioned a man from a high social class, especially one whose family owns a lot of property ⇒ lady:
an English country gentleman

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I. man who is polite/behaves well towards others
ADJ. perfect, real, true He's a real gentleman, always kind and considerate.
PHRASES be no gentleman He may be a lord, but he's no gentleman.
too much of a gentleman He was too much of a gentleman to ask them for any money.

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II. rich man with a high social position
ADJ. country, landed He retired to his estate in Norfolk, and lived the life of a country gentleman.

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