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get /ɡet/ verb (past tense got, past participle got /ɡɒt $ ɡɑːt/, gotten /ˈɡɒtn $ ˈɡɑːtn/, present participle getting)

Irregular Forms: (got)(gotten)

گرفتن ، بدست اوردن ، به دست اوردن ، تحصیل شده ، کسب کرده ، بدست امده ، فرزند ، بدست اوردن ، فراهم کردن ، حاصل کردن ، تحصیل کردن ، تهیه کردن ، فهمیدن ، رسیدن ، عادت کردن ، ربودن ، فائق امدن ، زدن ، (درمورد جانوران) زایش ، تولد ، علوم مهندسی: گرفتن گیر اوردن ، کامپیوتر: حاصل کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: مجاب کردن ساختن ، ورزش: برگشت عالی توپ مشکل در تنیس و اسکواش
الکترونیک: گرفتن ، بدست اوردن ، حاصل کردن ، کامپیوتر: بدست اوردن ، حاصل کردن ، گرفتن گیر اوردن ، علوم مهندسی: به دست اوردن ، حاصل کردن ، مجاب کردن ساختن ، حقوق: برگشت عالی توپ مشکل در تنیس و اسکواش ، ورزشی: تحصیل شده ، کسب کرده ، بدست امده ، فرزند، بدست اوردن ، فراهم کردن ، حاصل کردن ، تحصیل کردن ، تهیه کردن ، فهمیدن ، رسیدن ، عادت کردن ، ربودن ، فایق امدن ، زدن ،( درمورد جانوران )زایش ، تولد

[TahlilGaran] Persian Dictionary

- obtain, acquire, attain, fetch, gain, land, net, pick up, procure, receive, secure, win
- contract, catch, come down with, fall victim to, take
- capture, grab, lay hold of, nab (informal), seize, take
- become, come to be, grow, turn
- understand, catch, comprehend, fathom, follow, perceive, see, take in, work out
- persuade, convince, induce, influence, prevail upon
- annoy, bug (informal), gall, irritate, upset, vex
Contrasted words: abnegate, eschew, forbear, forgo, give up, sacrifice, abandon, forsake, renounce, benumb, deaden, numb, blunt, dull, harden, calm, compose, cool, lull, soothe, subdue
Related Idioms: come by, get to be, turn out to be, try one's temper, get into one's head
Related Words: educe, elicit, evoke, extort, extract, promote, accept, receive, clutch, grab, grasp, take, accomplish, achieve, effect, capture, carry, draw, attain, realize, arrange, order, right, adjust, coordinate, organize, bend, bias, dispose, predispose, prompt, bother, distress, disturb, perturb, upset, discomfit, disconcert, embarrass, provoke, beg, coax, press, pressure, urge
English Thesaurus: arrive, get, reach, come, turn up, ...

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get S1 W1 /ɡet/ verb (past tense got, past participle got /ɡɒt $ ɡɑːt/ British English, gotten /ˈɡɒtn $ ˈɡɑːtn/ American English, present participle getting)
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old Norse; Origin: geta]

1. RECEIVE [transitive not in passive] to receive something that someone gives you or sends you:
She got loads of presents.
What did you get for Christmas?
We get a lot of junk mail.
get something from somebody
We got a letter from Pam this morning.
get something off somebody spoken informal:
I got it off my Dad.
I got a few games free when I bought my computer.

2. OBTAIN [transitive] to obtain something by finding it, asking for it, or paying for it:
We need to get help quickly!
It would be a good idea to get professional advice.
You may be able to get a grant from the local authority.
He cleared his throat to get our attention.
get something for somebody
I want you to get some information for me.
get somebody something
His father managed to get him a job at the local factory.

3. BRING [transitive] to bring someone or something back from somewhere:
Run upstairs and get a pillow.
I went back into the office to get a pen.
Shall I go and get the phone book?
get somebody/something from something
She’s just gone to get the kids from school.
get something for somebody
I’ll get a towel for you.
get somebody something
I’ll get you a chair.

4. BUY [transitive]
a) to buy something:
Where did you get that jacket?
get something for somebody
Joe’s going to get tickets for all of us.
get somebody something
While you’re out, could you get me some batteries?
get yourself something
He’s just got himself a new van.
get something from something
I usually get vegetables from the supermarket.
get something for $20/£100/50p etc
You can get a decent PC for about £500 now.
It’s a lovely coat, and I managed to get it cheap in the sales.
b) spoken to pay for something for someone else:
I’ll get these drinks.
c) to buy a newspaper regularly:
My parents always used to get the ‘Daily Telegraph’.

5. MONEY [transitive]
a) to receive money for doing work:
Hospital doctors get a minimum of £50,000 a year.
get £2,000/$4,000 etc for doing something
He gets £4 an hour for stacking shelves.
b) to receive money when you sell something
get £100/$200 etc for something
You should get a couple of hundred pounds for your old car.
Did you get a good price for it?

6. HAVE A FEELING/IDEA [transitive] to start to have a feeling or an idea:
She began to get an uncomfortable feeling that she was being watched.
I got a terrible shock when I saw how ill he looked.
I got the impression that everyone was fed up with us.
get pleasure from/out of something
She gets a lot of pleasure from her garden.

7. HAVE/EXPERIENCE [transitive] to have, do, or experience something:
You don’t get enough exercise.
I never get time to read these days.
The west of the country gets quite a lot of rain.
We might get the chance to go to America this year.

8. ILLNESS [transitive not in passive] to catch an illness:
I got flu last winter and was in bed for three weeks.
She was worried she might get food poisoning.

9. ACHIEVE [transitive] to achieve something:
I got 98% in my last maths test.
the person who gets the highest score

10. RECEIVE A PUNISHMENT [transitive] to receive something as a punishment:
He got ten years in prison for his part in the robbery.

11. ARRIVE [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to arrive somewhere:
What time will we get there?
We didn’t get home until midnight.
get to
We got to Paris that evening.

12. REACH A POINT [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to reach a particular point or stage of something:
I’ve got as far as chapter 5.
I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the book.
Where have you got up to in the story?
It was disappointing to lose, having got this far in the competition.

13. get (somebody) somewhere/anywhere/nowhere if you get somewhere, or if an action gets you somewhere, you make progress:
I think we’re getting somewhere at last.
We didn’t seem to be getting anywhere.
I’ve tried arguing, but it got me nowhere.

14. MOVE [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to move or go somewhere:
Get out of my house!
We managed to get past the guards.
They shouted at us to get back.
Peter got to his feet (=stood up).

15. MAKE SOMETHING MOVE [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to make something or someone move to a different place or position, especially with some difficulty:
I couldn’t get the disk out of the computer.
Could you help me get the wardrobe up the stairs?
We must get food and emergency aid into the area as quickly as possible.

16. TRAVEL [transitive] to travel somewhere on a train, bus etc:
You can get a bus to the station.
I got the 9.15 from London to Edinburgh.

17. BECOME [linking verb] to change to a new feeling, situation, or state Synonym : become:
Don’t get upset.
She soon got bored with the job.
He calmed down as he got older.
Eat your dinner before it gets cold.
This is getting silly.
get to be something informal:
It’s getting to be a problem.

18. MAKE SOMEBODY/SOMETHING BECOME SOMETHING [transitive] to make someone or something change to a new feeling, situation, or state:
Sometimes she gets me so angry!
Don’t get the children too excited.
He was terrified of getting her pregnant.
It took them 15 minutes to get the boat ready.

19. BE HURT/BROKEN ETC [linking verb, transitive] used to say that something, especially something bad, happens to someone or something
get hurt/broken/stolen etc
You might get hurt if you stand there.
Mind the camera doesn’t get broken.
My dad got killed in a car crash.
I knew I would get shouted at if I was late home.
This is a question we very often get asked.
get something caught/stuck etc
She got her foot caught in the wire.

a) to accidentally make someone or something experience something:
You’re going to get us all killed!
Mind you don’t get yourself burned.
b) to do something, or arrange for it to be done:
I need to get the washing machine fixed.
We must get this work finished on time.

21. MAKE SOMETHING DO SOMETHING [transitive not in passive] to make something do a particular thing
get something to do something
I couldn’t get the engine to start.
get something doing something
We got the lawn mower working again eventually.

22. MAKE SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING [transitive not in passive] to persuade or force someone to do something
get somebody to do something
I’ll get Terry to check the wiring for me.
We couldn’t get him to sign the agreement.
get somebody doing something
In the end, we got the children clearing the playground.

23. UNDERSTAND [transitive not in passive or progressive] informal to understand something:
I don’t think she got the joke.
I don’t get it – it doesn’t make sense.
get what/how/who etc
I still don’t get how she knew about the meeting.

24. COOK [transitive not in passive] to prepare food or a meal:
She’s just getting lunch.
get somebody something
Shall I get you a sandwich?

25. RADIO/TELEVISION [transitive not in passive or progressive] to be able to receive a particular radio signal, television station etc:
Can you get satellite TV here?

26. ANSWER THE DOOR/TELEPHONE [transitive] informal to answer the door or telephone:
Can you get the phone?

27. CATCH SOMEBODY [transitive] to catch someone:
The police got him in the end.

28. HURT/KILL SOMEBODY [transitive] informal to attack, hurt, or kill someone:
The other gang members threatened to get him if he went to the police.
I’ll get you for this!

29. TRICK SOMEBODY [transitive] informal to deceive or trick someone:
I got you that time!

30. ON THE TELEPHONE [transitive] if you get someone on the telephone, they answer the telephone when you have made a call, and so you talk to them:
I tried phoning him at work, but I just got his secretary.

31. get doing something to begin doing something:
We got talking about the old days.
I think we should get going quite soon.
What are we all waiting for? Let’s get moving!

32. get to do something informal to have the opportunity to do something:
We got to meet all the stars after the show.
She gets to travel all over the place with her job.

33. get to like/know/understand somebody/something to gradually begin to like, know, or understand someone or something:
It’ll take a while for you to get to know everyone.
After a while, I got to like him.have got at have2


34. you get something used to say that something happens or exists:
I didn’t know you got tigers in Europe.

35. you’ve got me (there) used to say you do not know the answer to something

36. it/what gets me used to say that something really annoys you:
It really gets me the way he leaves wet towels on the bathroom floor.
What gets me is their attitude.

37. get this especially American English used to draw attention to something surprising or interesting that you are about to mention:
And the whole thing only cost – get this – $12.95.

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get (someone's)/the drift
[informal, informal]
to understand what someone is saying.
Can you explain that again? I don't quite get your drift.

I didn't understand everything he was saying but I think I caught the drift.

to understand in a general way what someone is telling you.
I usually read the first page of a report just to get the drift.

Usage notes: sometimes used in the form get someone's drift:
She said something about going home, but Len didn't get her drift at the time.

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