get back
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get back
Synonyms: recover, recoup, recruit, regain, repossess, retrieve
English Thesaurus: return, go back, go home, come back, get back, ...

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get back phrasal verb (see also get)

1. RETURN to return to a place:
I’ll talk to you when I get back.
get back to
He got back to the office just before lunchtime.

2. DO SOMETHING AGAIN to start doing something again or talking about something again
get back to
Let’s get back to the main point of the discussion.
Well, I must get back to work.
get back into
Have you ever thought about getting back into teaching?

3. BE IN A STATE AGAIN to change to a previous state or condition again
get back to
Life was beginning to get back to normal.
I couldn’t get back to sleep.
get back together
Do you think they’ll get back together (=start having a relationship again)?

4. GET SOMETHING AGAIN get something ↔ back to get something again after you have lost it or someone else has taken it:
Did you get your books back?

5. PUNISH SOMEBODY get somebody back informal to do something to hurt or harm someone who has hurt or harmed you
get somebody back for
I’ll get you back for this!

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get back
to return
We got back from London early yesterday afternoon.

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