get by
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نگه داری کردن ، ازشکست و یا حادثه جلوگیری کردن ، پیش رفتن ، مخفیانه پیشروی کردن
get by
Synonyms: manage, cope, exist, fare, get along, keep one's head above water, make both ends meet, survive
English Thesaurus: speak, be fluent in something, get by, have/pick up a smattering of somethin

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get by phrasal verb (see also get)
to have enough money to buy the things you need, but no more:
I don’t earn a huge salary, but we get by.
get by on
Sometimes they had to get by on very little.

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get by
to be able to satisfy your needs with a certain amount of something (usually related to money)
The man is able to get by on his salary because he does not spend much money.

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get by
v., informal
1. To be able to go past; pass.
The cars moved to the curb so that the fire engine could get by.
2. To satisfy the need or demand.
Mary can get by with her old coat this winter.
The janitor does just enough work to get by.
Synonym: GET ALONG4.
3. Not to be caught and scolded or punished.
The soldier thought he could get by with his dirty rifle.
The boy got by without answering the teacher's question because a visitor came in.

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