get on
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Oxford 3000 vocabularyIDIOM
سوار شدن (بر) ، پیش رفتن ، کار کردن ، گذران کردن ، گذراندن
get on
- board, ascend, climb, embark, mount
- be friendly, be compatible, concur, get along, hit it off (informal)

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get on phrasal verb (see also get)

1. LIKE SOMEBODY especially British English if people get on, they like each other and have a friendly relationship with each other
get on with
I’ve always got on well with Henry.
The two boys get on well most of the time.

2. PROGRESS to deal with a job or situation or to make progress:
How is George getting on at school?
get on with
How are you getting on with your essay?
get on without
I don’t know how we’ll get on without Michael.

3. CONTINUE DOING SOMETHING to continue doing something
get on with
Be quiet and get on with your work!

4. BE SUCCESSFUL to be successful in your job:
You’ll have to work hard if you want to get on.

5. CLOTHING get something on to put a piece of clothing on:
I can’t get my boots on!

6. be getting on
a) if time is getting on, it is quite late:
Come on, it’s getting on and we ought to go home.
I realized that time was getting on and we would have to hurry.
b) informal if someone is getting on, they are quite old

7. getting on for 90/10 o'clock/2,000 etc almost a particular age, time, number etc:
Mrs McIntyre must be getting on for 90 by now.
The total cost was getting on for $100,000.

8. get it on American English informal to have sex

9. get on with it! spoken used to tell someone to hurry:
Will you lot stop messing around and get on with it!

10. let somebody get on with it informal to let someone do something on their own, and not help them or tell them what to do:
She wanted to decorate her room, so I just let her get on with it.

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get on
v., informal
1. To speak to (someone) roughly about something he did wrong; blame; scold.
Mrs. Thompson got on the girls for not keeping their rooms clean.
The fans got on the new shortstop after he made several errors.
Synonym: JUMP ON.
2. See: GET ALONG.
3. To grow older.
Work seems harder these days; I'm getting on, you know.

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