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ghastly /ˈɡɑːstli $ ˈɡæstli/ adjective

ترسناک ، هولناک ، مخوف ، شوم ، رنگ پریده
Synonyms: horrible, dreadful, frightful, gruesome, hideous, horrendous, loathsome, shocking, terrible, terrifying
Contrasted words: appealing, attractive, charming, pleasant, touching, acceptable, bearable, trivial, unimportant
Related Words: appalling, awful, dreadful, frightening, frightful, shocking, disgustful, disgusting, nauseant, nauseating, sickening, ashen, livid, lurid, pale, uncanny, weird, gruesome, haggard, macabre, dim, faint, weak, charnel, mortuary, sepulchral
English Thesaurus: bad, poor, not very good, disappointing, negative, ...

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ghastly /ˈɡɑːstli $ ˈɡæstli/ adjective
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: gast 'to frighten' (11-17 centuries)]

1. very bad or unpleasant Synonym : horrible:
a ghastly little hotel
The whole thing was a ghastly mistake.
The weather was ghastly.

2. making you very frightened, upset, or shocked:
a ghastly accident

3. look/feel ghastly to look or feel ill, upset, or unhappy:
Are you all right? You look ghastly!
—ghastliness noun [uncountable]

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