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girlfriend /ˈɡɜːlfrend $ ˈɡɜːrl-/ noun [countable]

معنی فارسی واژه girlfriend در پایگاه اطلاعات موجود نیست.
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girlfriend S3 /ˈɡɜːlfrend $ ˈɡɜːrl-/ noun [countable]

1. a girl or woman that you are having a romantic relationship with ⇒ boyfriend:
He’s never had a girlfriend.
sb’s girlfriend
He lives in Chicago with his girlfriend.
split up/break up with your girlfriend (=stop having a romantic relationship)
one of my ex-girlfriends (=former girlfriends)
I didn’t have a steady girlfriend (=one you have a long relationship with).

2. especially American English a woman or girl’s female friend:
She’s out with one of her girlfriends.

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ADJ. current, latest, new | ex-, former, old | long-standing, long-term, serious, steady | live-in | pregnant | jealous | jilted
QUANT. string, succession
VERB + GIRLFRIEND have | meet | live with | sleep with | propose to | marry

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