give out
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بیرون دادن ، پخش کردن ، توزیع کردن ، کسر امدن ، تمام شدن ، اعلان کردن
give out
Synonyms: emit, discharge, exude, produce, release, send out, throw out

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give out phrasal verb (see also give)

1. give something ↔ out to give something to each person in a group Synonym : hand out:
Can you give the drinks out, please?
give something ↔ out to
Students were giving out leaflets to everyone on the street.

2. if part of your body gives out, it stops working properly or becomes much weaker:
Just as I approached the town, my legs finally gave out.

3. if a supply of something gives out, there is none left:
My money was beginning to give out and there were no jobs to be found.
After two hours her patience gave out.

4. give out something to produce something such as light, heat, or a signal Synonym : emit:
A gas lamp gave out a pale yellowish light.

5. give something ↔ out British English formal to announce something, especially officially:
It was given out that the government was to enter into negotiations with the rebels.

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give out
to be completely used or finished.
I'd lend you my calculator, but the battery gave out.

to stop working.
Is it worth it to keep running until your knees give out?

Something in the motor gave out.

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give out
1.give out
1). to be gone, to finish
We went camping for a week but our food gave out after only three days.

2). to fail, to wear out
We went hiking last week but my legs gave out so we had to return early.

2.give out (something)
to give something to people, to distribute something
We gave out more than six hundred balloons at the shopping center.

3.give out (a sound)
to utter a sound
The girl gave out a loud scream when she saw the spider.

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give out something
give out (something)
to give something to people, to distribute something
We gave out more than six hundred balloons at the shopping center.

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give out
1. To make known; let it be known; publish.
Mary gave out that she and Bob were going to be married.
2. To let escape; give.
The cowboy gave out a yell.
Synonym: GIVE OFF, LET GO.
3. to give to people; distribute.
The barber gives out free lollipops to all the children.
4. To fail; collapse.
Tom's legs gave out and he couldn't run any farther.
The chair gave out under the fat man.
Compare: WEAR OUT.
5. To be finished or gone.
When the food at the party gave out, they bought more.
The teacher's patience gave out.
Compare: USE UP, WEAR OUT.
6. slang Not to hold back; act freely; let yourself go.
Often used in the imperative.
You're not working hard, Charley. Give out!
7. informal To show how you feel.
When Jane saw the mouse, she gave out with a scream.
Give out with a little smile.
Compare: LET GO.

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