go ahead
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(adj.) متهور ، مترقی ، پیش رونده ، نشانه ترقی ، بفرمایید ، green light
go ahead
Synonyms: enterprising, gumptious, up-and-coming

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go ahead phrasal verb (see also go)

1. to start to do something, especially after planning it or asking permission to do it
go ahead with
They’ve decided to go ahead with plans to build 50 new houses on the site.
go ahead and do something
I went ahead and arranged the trip anyway.

2. if an event or process goes ahead, it happens:
A judge has ruled that the music festival can go ahead.

3. spoken used to give someone permission to do something, or let them speak before you:
‘Do you mind if I open the window?’ ‘No, go ahead.’
If you want to leave, go right ahead.

4. (also go on ahead) to go somewhere before the other people in your group:
You go ahead and we’ll catch you up later.
go ahead of
He stood back to let Sue go ahead of him.

5. to start to be winning a game or competition:
Dulwich went ahead after 22 minutes.

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I. ˈgo-ahead1 noun
give (somebody) the go-ahead/get the go-ahead to give or be given permission to start doing something:
The company has been given the go-ahead to build a new supermarket.

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II. go-ahead2 adjective [only before noun] British English
using new methods or ideas and therefore likely to succeed:
a go-ahead company

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go ahead
go ahead (with (something))
to begin or continue an activity without waiting.
We knew what the dangers were but decided to go ahead anyway.

Mary said we should go ahead with the meeting on Monday.

Why not just go ahead and release the documents?

Usage notes: usually said about an activity that has been delayed

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go ahead
1. to begin to do something
"Let's go ahead and start now. We can't wait any longer."

2. to move forward
It was difficult to go ahead quickly in the line.

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go ahead
v. To begin to do something; not wait.
The teacher told the students not to write on the paper yet, but John went ahead and wrote his name.
"May I ask you a question?" "Go ahead."
Compare: GO ON1.

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